COVID-19 and the US Election

Electoral Regulation Research Network recorded video

Thursday 30 April 2020


  • Professor John Kane

About the Talk:

The talk speculates on the likely or possible impact of the pandemic crisis on the upcoming November elections by looking at both the advantages Trump possesses and the challenges he faces.  While prediction is unsafe, it is possible to clarify both what is at stake and how things are currently playing out.

The Speaker:

John Kane is Professor in the School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University. He researches and teaches in political theory, political leadership, public administration and US foreign policy. He has been five times visiting professor to Yale University and is the author of The Politics of Moral Capital, and of Between Virtue and Power: The Persistent Moral Dilemma of US Foreign Policy.He is also co-author (with H. Patapan) of The Democratic Leader.