2019 Monthly Seminars

5 February 2019

Dr Evie Kendal (Deakin University): ‘ 'Future Proofing Consent for Novel Reproductive Biotechnologies’

Ms Hilary Bowman-Smart (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children's Hospital): ‘Women’s Experiences and Attitudes towards Non-invasive Prenatal Testing’

4 March 2019

Associate Professor Neera Bhatia: ‘Is an opt out system of organ donation the way to increase donation rates in Australia?'

Dr Julian Koplin: 'The Ethics of Organ Selling and the Moral Limits of the Market'

9 April 2019

Dr Danya Vears: 'Challenges with informed consent in clinical genomic sequencing'

9 May 2019

Mr Bill Madden: 'Recent issues with health advice by unregistered persons and/or fraudulent practitioners'

4 June 2019

Associate Professor Megan Munsie: ‘Modelling early Human Development in the Lab: Time to Reflect on Regulations’

Dr Christopher Gyngell:Moratoriums, Medical Necessity, and Heritable Changes: Puzzles in the regulation of human gene editing’

6 August 2019

Sarah Jefford (Surrogacy Lawyer and Surrogate): 'Surrogacy as Motherhood: The Inalienable Right to Choose'

Judy Chambers (Clinical Ethicist, Western Health Clinical Ethics Committee): 'Given the risks, is Altruistic Surrogacy an ethically acceptable practice?'

Professor John Tobin (Melbourne Law School): 'Regulating Surrogacy: What’s the rights approach?’

3 September 2019

Associate Professor Fiona McDonald (Queensland University of Technology) and Dr Stephen Duckett (Grattan Institute): 'Does s 51 (xxiiia) of the Australian Constitution limit politically feasible health policy options today?'

8 October 2019

Professor Agnes Bankier (Chair of RCH Human Research Ethics Committee): 'What guides ethical review of human research'

Laura Hartmann (Senior Legal Counsel, RCH): 'The role of hospital legal counsel'

12 November 2019 
3 December 2019