2021 Monthly Seminars

2 March 2021 Dr Megan Prictor (Melbourne Law School) and Amelia Hyatt (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)

Audio recording doctor-patient consultations: new technologies, implementation challenges and legal considerations 


MJA Podcasts 2020 Episode 38: Recording healthcare consultations, with Dr Megan Prictor


Overt and covert recording of health care consultations in Australia: some legal considerations
Co-Design of a Consultation Audio-Recording Mobile App for People with Cancer: The SecondEars App
Testing Consultation Recording in Clinical Setting with the SecondEars Smartphone App: Mixed Methods Implementation Study 
30 March 2021 Professor Clare Delany and Dr Trisha Prentice presented on "Experience tragedy, moral distress and frustration in the workplace: An analysis of four approaches for supporting staff in health (and law)"
4 May 2021 Professor Megan Munsie presented on "Human embryo research in 21st Century - how stem cell advances impact on regulation"
Dr Julian Koplin presented on "Moral status concerns and the regulation of embryo research" 

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1 June 2021 Professor Julian Savulescu and Dr Christopher Gyngell will present on "Vaccine Ethics: History, Payment and Passports"

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July 2021University Winter Break - no seminar
3 August 2021 Dr Jamie Walvisch and Dr Andrew Carroll will present on "Personality disorders and the law"

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7 September 2021 Dr Danya Vears and Dr Lauren Notini will present on "Deafness in children and exome sequencing"

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12 October 2021 Professor Stuart Kinner and Mr Craig Cumming will present on "Health inequity in the justice system: Australian prison health services and the principle of equivalence"

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23 November 2021 Mr Hugh Brophy will present on "Medicinal cannabis and driving: the intersection of health and road safety policy"

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