2022 Monthly Seminars

8 March 2022 Dr Megan Prictor  presented on 'Recording our genes: identifying optimal legal settings for clinical genetic data in networked medical records'. 

Professor Mark Taylor and Minna Paltiel presented on 'Protection of genomic data and the Australian Privacy Act:  when is genomic data ‘personal information’?'.

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If privacy is increasing for My Health Record data, it should apply to all medical records, The Conversation

Recording our Genes: Electronic Medical Records, Genomics and the Law project
7 April 2022 David Thorburn, Megan Munsie and Christopher Gyngell presented on 'Maeve's Law: Science and Ethics'.

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3 May 2022 Julian Savulescu presented on 'AI-assisted Medical Decision Making: Contemporary Ethical Challenges'.

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7 June 2022 Heather DouglasLaura Tarzia and Nicola Sheeran will be presenting on 'Reproductive Coercion: Views of Domestic Violence Workers and Lawyers'.

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Communicating Reproductive in the Context of Domestic and Family Violence: Perspectives of Service Providers Supporting Migrant and Refugee Women, (2022) Journal of Family Violence, online first 12 January 2022

Reproductive coercion and abuse against women from migrant and refugee backgrounds: Exploring the views of service providers in Australia, forthcoming Culture, Health and Sexuality, online first 11 January 2021

Reproductive Coercion and Legal Recognition: Views of Domestic Violence  Support Workers and Lawyers, (2021) 10(4) International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy 117-130
11 August 2022 Beth Gaze, Casey Haining and Louise Keogh presented on 'Abortion services in the US and Australia after Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization'

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Estimating the abortion rate in Australia from National Hospital Morbidity and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data, (2021) 215(8) Medical Journal of Australia

Overturning History, (2022) Pursuit 
6 September 2022 Danya Vears and Fiona Lynch presented on 'Public views on genomic data sharing: An Australian perspective'

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View a study recording Sharing and storing children's genomic data
4 October 2022Kay Wilson and Subramanian Purushothaman presented on 'Psychiatric Advance Directives and Consent to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) in Australia: A Legislative Review and Suggestions for the Future'

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Psychiatric advance directives and consent to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)in Australia: A legislative review and suggestions for the future, (2022) 85 International Journal of Law and Psychiatry