IILAH Roundtable: Teaching Law Through the Arts

Please join us for a Roundtable on Teaching Law Through the Arts on Monday 29 July. This informal gathering, sponsored by the Institute for International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School, will explore the power of the arts in legal education. Suggested topics for discussion include:

  • How does experiential, non-textual learning create more companionate, creative and self-critical lawyers?
  • How do the arts help get students ‘out of their heads’ and ‘into their bodies’, pushing them to develop empathetic skills in their legal education?
  • What are the benefits of arts-based approaches to learning?
  • What are the main drawbacks to arts-based legal pedagogy?
  • What are examples of best practice in this area?

If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please contact Sundhya Pahuja (s.pahuja@unimelb.edu.au), James Parker (parker@unimelb.edu.au) or Sara Ramshaw (sararamshaw@uvic.ca) before Wednesday 24 July 2019.