Global Corporations and International Law PhD/Early Career Researcher Workshop

War Junks
'Destroying Chinese war junks', by E. Duncan (1843).

15th – 16th December 2022

Organised by Professors Sundhya Pahuja (Melbourne, Laureate Program in Global Corporations and International Law) and Surabhi Ranganathan (Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (Cambridge).

Professor Sundhya Pahuja has recently launched a major, multi-year collaborative research program on Global Corporations and International Law. This program was designed to rethink how we understand the company-state-international law relationship.  It has historical and contemporary dimensions, as well as empirical and conceptual dimensions.

The purpose of this workshop was to begin to think together about how the research questions international lawyers ask might change if we started with the company/corporation. We invited participants to give a short, exploratory presentation which takes their current research, locates a company or corporation within it, and tells the story from that point.

This was a local workshop designed to focus on scholars based in the UK, alongside scholars from the Melbourne Law School.  We plan to host future workshops in other regions of the world.

The workshop, Professor Pahuja’s visit, and the participation of MLS Faculty and PhD students were supported by the ARC Laureate Program in Global Corporations and International Law, the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, a Cambridge Law Faculty - Melbourne Law School Partnership Grant, the Institute for International Law and the Humanities, and the Leverhulme Foundation.