Profile picture of Maria Elander

Maria Elander

Thesis: The figure of the victim in international criminal justice Supervisors: Peter Rush and Dianne Otto
Profile picture of Eve Lester

Eve Lester

Thesis: Making migration law: the foreigner, sovereignty & the case of Australia Supervisors: Sundhya Pahuja and Shaun McVeigh


Profile picture of Peter Dirou

Peter Dirou

Thesis: Food security as social provisioning: insights from the international approach and the Indonesian experience<br>Supervisors: Sundhya Pahuja and Shaun McVeigh
Profile picture of Angus Frith

Angus Frith

Thesis: Getting it right for the future: Aboriginal law, Australian law and native title corporations<br>Supervisor: Lee Godden
Profile picture of Rebecca Goodbourn

Rebecca Goodbourn

Thesis: Making places, making subjects: the representation and experience of Melbourne's laneways<br>Supervisors: Alison Young and Peter Rush
Profile picture of Rebecca Whitehall

Rebecca Whitehall

Thesis: Hannah Arendt and the turn to life in international law<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Anne Genovese


Profile picture of Luis Eslava

Luis Eslava

Thesis: Local space, global life: the everyday operation of international law and development<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Shaun McVeigh
Profile picture of Yoriko Otomo

Yoriko Otomo

Thesis: Unconditional life: the time and technics of international law<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Shaun McVeigh
Profile picture of James Parker

James Parker

Thesis: Acoustic jurisprudence: listening to the trial of Simon Bikindi<br>Supervisors: Andrew Kenyon and Shaun McVeigh


Profile picture of Olivia Barr

Olivia Barr

Thesis: A minor jurisprudence of movement<br>Supervisors: Peter Rush, Shaun McVeigh and Maureen Tehan
Profile picture of Cressida Limon

Cressida Limon

Thesis: Genes, biotechnologies and legal imaginings: a feminist analysis of intellectual property law<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Lee Godden
Profile picture of Walter Rech

Walter Rech

Thesis: Enemies of mankind: the doctrine of international law enforcement in Vattel's Driot des gens<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Sundhya Pahuja


Profile picture of Samuel Alexander

Samuel Alexander

Thesis: Property beyond growth: toward a politics of voluntary simplicity<br>Supervisors: Lee Godden, Gerry Simpson and Jennifer Beard
Profile picture of Laura Ann Griffin

Laura Ann Griffin

Thesis: Borderwork: 'illegality', un-bounded labour and the lives of Basotho migrant domestic workers<br>Supervisors: Salim Kassim-Lakha, Jenny Morgan and Jennifer Beard
Profile picture of Olivera Simic

Olivera Simic

Thesis: Distinguishing between exploitative and non-exploitative peacekeeping sex: the wrongs of 'zero tolerance<br>Supervisors: Dianne Otto and Michelle Foster


Profile picture of Daniel Wanjau Muriu

Daniel Wanjau Muriu

Thesis: Recognition, redistribution and resistance: the legalisation of the right to health and its potential and limits in Africa<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Jennifer Beard


Profile picture of Edward Mussawir

Edward Mussawir

Thesis: Jurisdiction: the expression and representation of law<br>Supervisors: Peter Rush and Anne Orford
Profile picture of John Tobin

John Tobin

Thesis: Children's right to health: seeking clarity in the content of Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford


Profile picture of Amir Hossein Kordvani

Amir Hossein Kordvani

Thesis: International law, economic liberalization, and the movement of natural persons<br>Supervisor: Anne Orford
Profile picture of Juliet Rogers

Juliet Rogers

Thesis: Fantasies of "female genital mutilation": flesh, law and freedom through psychoanlysis<br>Supervisor: Peter Rush


Profile picture of Heather Douglas

Heather Douglas

Thesis: Legal narratives of indigenous existence: crime, law, and history<br>Supervisors: Peter Rush and Lee Godden
Profile picture of Jacqueline Peel

Jacqueline Peel

Thesis: International law and the determination of risk: Science, uncertainty and the role of values<br>Supervisors: Anne Orford and Philippe Sands QC


Profile picture of Antonis Tsonis

Antonis Tsonis

Thesis: Aporias of sovereignty<br>Supervisor: Peter Rush