Profile picture of Martin Clark

Martin Clark

Thesis (MPhil): A conceptual history of recognition in international law
Profile picture of Julia Dehm

Julia Dehm

Thesis: Reconsidering REDD+: Law, life, limits and growth in crisis
Profile picture of Leilani Elliott

Leilani Elliott

Thesis: How do institutions engage with the idea of a human rights-based approach to matters involving children? A case study of UNICEF and the World Bank
Profile picture of Carolyn Graydon

Carolyn Graydon

Thesis: Valuing women in Timor Leste: the need to address domestic violence through reforming customary law approaches while improving state justice
Profile picture of Tanya Josev

Tanya Josev

Thesis: The changing meaning of 'Judicial Activism' in the United States and Australia, 1947-2008
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Joseph Kikonyogo

Thesis: Africa and the ailing promise of the Doha development agenda in the WTO negotiations on agriculture
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Liz Macpherson

Thesis: Commercial indigenous water rights in Australia law: lessons from Chile
Profile picture of James Munro

James Munro

Thesis: Emissions trading schemes under international economic law
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Sophie Rigney

Thesis: Fairness, the rights of the accused, and procedure in International criminal trials