Profile picture of Marie Aronsson-Storrier

Marie Aronsson-Storrier

Thesis: Covert operations and the development of international law on the use of force Supervisors: Anne Orford
Profile picture of Meg Brodie

Meg Brodie

Thesis: Law, change and socialisation: constructing an account of the role of NHRIs in addressing systemic human rights violations Supervisors: Dianne Otto
Profile picture of Madelaine Chiam

Madelaine Chiam

Thesis: International Law in Australian Public Debate: 2003, 1965, 1916 Supervisors: Hilary Charlesworth, Ann Genovese and Gerry Simpson
Profile picture of Sara Dehm

Sara Dehm

Thesis: Ordering human mobility: international law, development, administration Supervisors: Sundhya Pahuja and Anne Orford
Profile picture of Gashahun Lemessa Fura

Gashahun Lemessa Fura

Thesis: Transnational land acquisitions in subā€Saharan Africa: competing claims and the role of (international) law Supervisors: Sundhya Pahuja and Jurgen Kurtz
Profile picture of Erin O'Donnell

Erin O'Donnell

Thesis: Constructing the aquatic environment as a legal subject: legal rights, market participation, and the power of narrative Supervisors: Lee Godden, Sundhya Pahuja and John Frebairn
Profile picture of Joshua Paine

Joshua Paine

Thesis: International adjudicatory functions: a comparative study through the lens of environmental cases Supervisors: Anne Orford and Margaret Young
Profile picture of Connal Parsley

Connal Parsley

Thesis: Jurisprudence without law? Law and the image in Giorgio Agamben Supervisors: Peter Rush and Shaun McVeigh
Profile picture of Dudi Rulliadi

Dudi Rulliadi

Thesis: Public-private partnerships and the transformation of the third world state: the case of Indonesia Supervisors: Anne Orford and Tim Lindsey
Profile picture of Cait Storr

Cait Storr

Thesis: Nauru: international status, imperial form, and the histories of international law Supervisors: Sundhya Pahuja and Shaun McVeigh
Profile picture of Marc Trabsky

Marc Trabsky

Thesis: Institutions of the dead: law, office and the coroner Supervisors: Peter Rush and Shaun McVeigh