• Profile picture of Debolina Dutta
    Debolina Dutta

    Thesis: A Conduct of Conversations: Sex Worker Activists, Legal Academics and Indian Feminist Jurisprudence Supervisors: Shaun McVeigh and Ann Genovese

  • Profile picture of Josi Khatarina
    Josi Khatarina

    Thesis: Decentralisation, Law, and the Failure of Palm Oil Licensing Supervisors: Tim Lindsey and Margaret Young

  • Profile picture of Ana Maria Palacio Valencia
    Ana Maria Palacio Valencia

    Thesis: Of Blind People, Elephants and the Pacific Alliance Integration: Institutionalist Account and Proposals for Change Supervisor: Tania Voon

  • Profile picture of Alice Palmer
    Alice Palmer

    Thesis: Aesthetics of Image in International Environmental Law Supervisors: Lee Godden and Shaun McVeigh

  • Profile picture of William Phillips
    William Phillips

    Thesis: The Structure of Human Rights: A Philosophical Investigation Supervisors: Hilary Charlesworth and Dale Smith

  • Profile picture of Anna Saunders
    Anna Saunders

    Thesis: Constitutionalism as Postwar International Law Supervisors: Anne Orford and Hilary Charlesworth

  • Profile picture of Kay Wilson
    Kay Wilson

    Thesis: Mental Health Law: Abolish or Reform? Supervisors: Bernadette McSherry and Dianne Otto