Episodes from Festival of Conversations, Performances and Ideas 2021

In this episode Dianne Otto was joined by Oishik Sircar to discuss his recent publication. 'Violent Modernities: Cultural Lives of Law in the New India' (OUP 2021) uses a critical legal perspective to show that law and violence in the postcolony share a deep intimacy, where one symbiotically feeds the other. Researched and written between 2008 and 2018, the chapters study the cultural sites of literature, cinema, people's movements, popular media and the university to illustrate how law's promises of emancipation and performances of violence live a life of entangled contradictions.

In this Festival of Conversations episode Professor Hilary Charlesworth was joined in conversation with Professor Anne Orford to discuss the founding of IILAH in 2005 and the shifting relations between international law and the humanities.

Panelists engaged in a live online conversation about art-based methods in legal scholarship, teaching and practice, inviting the audience to participate in an interactive discussion about 'art', 'law' and the 'and' between. With Alice Palmer , Ruth Buchanan, Sara Ramshaw and Sean Mulcahy. At 43:13 the audience watched Ruth Buchanan's video essay 'Local Hero' this is accessible here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wl2YeSVcmU.

McVeigh and Gaita discuss the relations between morality, law and politics. Gaita has argued in, amongst other places, his contributions to 'Who’s Afraid of International Law', (which he edited with Gerry Simpson) that morality, law and politics are distinctive forms of the ethical and that, as seen from a particular ethical perspective in the Western tradition, each is sui generis.

In this episode Dr Kathleen Birrell and Tim Lindgren were joined by Dr Daniel Matthews (University of Warwick) to discuss his new book Earthbound: The Aesthetics of Sovereignty . The conversation traversed the aesthetic force of sovereignty as a framing device of modern legal and political forms and the possibility of an alternative political aesthetics for the Anthropocene.

In this episode join James Parker, Jake Goldenfein, Fleur Johns, Andrea Leiter and Andre Dao in conversation on the questions of international law and technopolitics in the humanities.

This episode features contributions from academics trained in the law in India, who are currently teaching at Indian universities, they reflect on the inheritances, futures and failures of a critical legal project for Indian legal education and scholarship. The panel includes  Dr. Anuj Bhuwania (Jindal Global Law School), Dr. Oishik Sircar (Jindal Global Law School), Dr. Debolina Dutta (Jindal Global Law School), and Professor Rukmini Sen (Dr B. R. Ambedkar University Delhi).

In this event, we talked about doing fieldwork, and were joined by special guests, Dr Debolina Dutta and Dr Amanda Gilbertson. The session was convened jointly with Dr Ben Golder and the UNSW Critique Network.

Join Hilary Charlesworth (MLS) in conversation with Roland Bleiker (Director of a cross disciplinary project on Visual Politics at UQ) to discuss the role of images and emotions in global politics, and in particular the politics and ethics of visualising humanitarian crises which is the subject of Professor Bleiker's new ARC Linkage project.

Join Johanna Commins, Ann Genovese for this conversation with Professor Margaret Thornton which reflects on the 2000 conference, Romancing the Tomes, which brought together feminist scholars working across law and the humanities under the auspices of the ANU Humanities Research Centre to address the fictions of law, the legal academy and judges through the lens of popular culture.