Student published articles

Articles based upon research undertaken by construction law students at Melbourne Law School

Melbourne Law School is very proud of the contribution to construction law scholarship which our students have made, including by way of publication in leading journals around the world. The journals in which these articles have been published can be accessed via the Construction Law LibGuide. Please contact Matthew Bell (Co-Director of Studies for Construction Law) with any queries or if an article has been omitted from this list.


Jack Hill (Masters), ‘Driving Sustainability through Contract: The Carrot or the Stick?’ (2024) 41 International Construction Law Review 4

Benjamin Hubber (JD), ‘The Penalties Doctrine in a Construction Context—A Cross-jurisdictional Analysis’ (2024) 40 Construction Law Journal 4

Matthew Popplewell (Masters), ‘The Use of Statute: Ending the Abuse of the Dunlop Judgment and Peak Precedent’ (2024) 41 International Construction Law Review 52

Thanapat Yaemklin (Masters), ‘Australian Paths Toward Construction Industry Security of Payment: A Guide for Thailand?’ (2024) 41 International Construction Law Review 214


Ian Cartwright (Masters), ‘Now you see it, now you don't: Exposing the illusion of concurrent delay’ (2023) 39 Construction Law Journal 284

Jordan Davies (JD), '(Dis)Proportionate Liability, Insurance and the Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021 (NSW)' (2023) 38 Building and Construction Law 258

Callum Ernikiolis (Masters) 'The Prevention Principle: Its Uncertain Footings and Interplay with Standard Form Construction Contracts' (2023) 39(3) Construction Law Journal 125

Callum Ernikiolis (Masters) 'The Tortuous Evolution of the "Penalty Doctrine" - Is it an abstruse doctrine that we are better off without?' (2022) 207 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 32

Alice Hayes (Masters), 'Joined at the hip (and at the heart) – managing the inherent risks of joint ventures in the Australian construction industry' (2023) 18(1) Construction Law International 47

Ben Hicks (Masters), ‘Negative variations in common law’ (2023) 18(3) Construction Law International feature 6 (published online 24 October 2023)

Ben Hicks (Masters), 'When is it Reasonable for a Principal to Engage a Third Party to Rectify the Contractor's Defects and at what Cost to the Contractor - Is it Time for the High Court of Australia to Intervene?' (2023) 212 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 20

Ben Hicks (Masters), 'Prolongation Costs in the FIDIC Yellow and Green Books: England and Germany Analysis' (2023) 40 International Construction Law Review 204

Tristan Layton (JD), 'Dispute Resolution Boards - An Answer to Victoria's Infrastructure Woes?' (2023) 210 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 44

Ren Jay Liew (JD), 'Fit for Green? Contractor Liability for Construction Quality in Green Financed Buildings' (2023) 208 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 12

Jade Smith (JD), 'Have Some (Good) Faith: Why Singapore Should Imply a Duty of Good Faith into Relational Contracts' Singapore Academy of Law Journal (published online 4 May 2023)

Jessica Srour (Masters), 'Latent condition risk in Australian standard form construction contracts - an analysis of the latent condition provisions in AS 2124–1992, AS 4000–1997 and ABIC MW–1 2018' (2023) 213 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 30


Duncan Anderson (Masters), 'Managing the Risk of Government Tender Disclosure under Freedom of Information Legislation' (2022) 37 Building and Construction Law 1

Rebecca Eyers (Masters), 'Is there a place for the operator-led hospital PPP in Australia? An analysis of the past, present and future' (2022) 39 International Construction Law Review 28

Hannah Higgins (Masters), 'US transportation PPPs: background, emerging trends and the impacts of COVID-19' (2022) 39 International Construction Law Review 98

Penelope Hollingdale (JD), 'The case for gender balance on dispute resolution boards on major construction projects' (2022) 32(5) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 34

Karan M Patel (JD), 'Are the "Walls" Strong Enough? Assessing the Strength of Protections Under International Investment Treaties for International Construction Projects' (2022) 38 Construction Law Journal 227


Duncan Anderson (Masters) 'Mann v Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd—Builders' Quantum Meruits Revisited' (2021) 37 Construction Law Journal 207

Matthew Hawke (Masters), 'Fitness for Purpose in Design and Construct: A Storm in a Teacup?' (2021) 37 Building and Construction Law Journal 105

Ken Z Kiat (JD), 'The Fitness For Purpose Conundrum: Taking A Closer Look At Højgaard' (BDPS News, Issue 63, February 2021) 4 - winner of the BDPS Student Prize 2021

Krystian Kmita (JD), 'Unfair contract terms law: A "white knight" or "fly in the ointment"? The ACCC’s spotlight on the commercial construction sector and its impact on small business standard form construction contracts' (2021) 28 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 116

Seunghun Lee (Masters), 'Covid-19 and Treaty Arbitration for Foreign Contractors in the International Construction Sector' (2021) 38 International Construction Law Review 425

Bruce McDiarmid (Masters), 'Latent Conditions - There Must be a Better Way to Deal With Them' (2021) 199 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 10

Nilab Shekeb (Masters) 'There’s nothing impartial about the superintendent assessing extension of time claims: is statutory reform of the superintendent’s dual role required to make the prevention principle equitable?' (2021) 37 Construction Law Journal 347

Eileen Yang (JD), 'No-reliance Clauses: Are They Effective at Limiting a Principal's Liability for Misleading or Deceptive Conduct?' (2021) 36 Building and Construction Law Journal 247


Guillermo Alarcon (Masters), 'The project definition role in the election of a public project delivery model in Australia and South America' (2020) 37 International Construction Law Review 246

Jeremy Armour (JD), 'Drones over the castle - time for a Victorian Access to Neighbouring Land Act?' (2020) 193 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 36

Aiden Davey (JD), 'Fighting Chaos with Chaos: An Analysis of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 (NSW)' (2020) 31(4) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 49

Kevin Fan (JD), 'Fitness for purpose: who assumes liability for a non-standard third-party error?' (2020) 31(6) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 72

Sam Porz (JD), 'Land Value from Whose Perspective? The Need for Collaborative Systematic Reform to Prevent Construction on Aboriginal Sacred Sites' (2020) 192 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 16

Catherine Williams (Masters), 'Is it ever appropriate to employ a prospective delay analysis for a time distant event, in a dispute context?' (2020) 193 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 20

Daniela Yaneva (JD), 'The New Age - To what Extent can New Technologies be Used to Minimise Aggressive Risk Shifting Practices in the Construction Industry?' (2020) 192 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 26


Ali Al Ebrahimi (JD), 'Is Australia's Building Industry Providing Adequate Protection to Subcontractors where a Head Contractor becomes Insolvent?' (2019) 35 Construction Law Journal 393

Katrina Mae (Masters), 'Preventing Improper Liability for Delay but not Preventing Disputes: Rethinking the Implications of the Prevention Principle in Australia and Abroad' (2019) 36 International Construction Law Review 24

Kassie McAlear (JD), 'The Importance of Having Community Involvement in the Planning and Development Stage of Construction Works in Order to Protect Buildings and Sites of Historical and Cultural Significance' (2019) 189 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 34

Stefan Pislevik (JD), 'Constructive Acceleration in the UAE: A Matter of Contract, Law or Good Faith?' (2019) 36 International Construction Law Review 50

James Samartzis (JD), 'Toys and Weapons… Now Part of the Toolbox - Pre–construction Approvals and Latent Conditions During Offshore Construction Projects - How the Use of Drones is Changing the Legal Landscape' (2019) 187 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 20

Anna Sartori (JD), 'Risky Business - An Analysis of the Possibility of the No Dispute Report's Approach to Risk Allocation in Modern Construction Projects' (2019) 188 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 22


Ahsan Ashraf (Masters), 'Uncertainty in Dispute Resolution Clauses: Is there a Way to Escape the Commercial Bargain?' (2018) 34 Construction Law Journal 633.

Thomas Kearney (Masters), 'Excluding claims for variations, delay and damages – 10 years of Victoria's troublesome security of payment regime' (2018) 178 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 22

Jonathan Korman (Masters), 'The measure of damages for breach of construction contract where there is no economic loss: an examination and evaluation of the law in England and Australia' (2018) 34 Building and Construction Law Journal 159

S Magintharan (Masters), 'Unravelling the quagmire of setting aside adjudication determinations on the grounds of jurisdictional errors and non-jurisdictional errors on the face of the record in Australia: Shade Systems and Maxcon' (2018) 34 Construction Law Journal 329

Taylor Mitas (JD), 'Can an Insolvent Party Claim Under Security of Payment Legislation? A Critique of Seymour White' (2018) 58 BDPS News 13

Jeremy Parsons (Masters), 'Are we there yet? Fair risk allocation for concurrent delays and Australian standard form contracts' (2018) 179 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 16

Kevin Pascoe (Masters), 'Incorporating active risk management in construction contracts' (2018) 33 Building and Construction Law 333

Catherine Williams (Masters), 'Sub-standard Balconies are Flooding the Victorian Market – The Legal Context of Causes and Remedies' (2018) 181 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 37

Louise Young (Masters), 'Managing legal risk in government procurement: Disgruntled tenderers' search for a remedy continues' (2018) 33 Building and Construction Law 395


Hugh Davis (Masters), 'The Problems with Amann: Would an Agreement-Centred Approach to Remoteness Benefit Australian Jurisprudence?' (2017) 42(2) University of Western Australia Law Review 1

Alexander Di Stefano (JD), 'Good Faith in the AS11000: Has the Eagle Landed?' (2017) 33 Building and Construction Law 13

Lauren Gray (Masters), 'Misleading and deceptive conduct in construction projects - limiting liability under the Australian Consumer Law through your construction contract' (2017) 177 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 22

Steven La (Masters), 'Key Elements of Hong Kong's Rail Plus Property Model that should be Considered in Australia' (2017) 175 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 28

S Magintharan (Masters), 'The prevention principle and the contractor's remedies' (2017) 33 Construction Law Journal 455

Jeremy Parsons (Masters), 'Cloaking Parties with New Clothes - BIM and Apportioning Liability, if at all' (2017) 176 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 34

Georgitsa Petkova (Masters), 'Enforceability of “Until and Unless” DAB Decisions under the 1999 FIDIC Contracts' (2017) 34 International Construction Law Review 177

Jeremy Parsons (Masters), 'Horses for Courses: Assignment of Building Warranties to Subsequent Owners' (2017) 33 BCL 195

Jeremy Parsons (Masters), 'Winnipeg-ging Coherency and Sound Policy to the Line of Pure Economic Loss Case Law in Australia - Recovery for Dangerous Building Defects' (2017) 174 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 14


Leopold Bailey (JD), 'Review of a section 28R judgment under the Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic)' (2016) 53 BDPS News 21
Winner of the Building Dispute Practitioners Society Student Essay Prize, 2017 

Alice Mikhman (JD), 'The prevention principle: jurisprudential ambiguity and its effect on interpretation' (2016) 53 BDPS News 32
Winner of the Building Dispute Practitioners Society Essay Prize, 2017 

Michael Van Der Ende (Masters), 'Dispute Boards in Public Private Partnerships: Best Practice or an Impossible Dream?' (2016) 32 Building and Construction Law 300


Rachel Ong (Masters), 'Retrospectivity and the Doctrine of Frustration' [2015] International Construction Law Review 455

Philip Marquet (JD), 'Judicial review of security of payment adjudications: Key doctrinal uncertainties and proposals for reform' (2015) 31 Building and Construction Law 4


Emilia Budisavljevic (JD), 'Have we forgotten the first "P" in Public-Private Partnerships?' (2014) 158 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 32

Andrew Mewing (Masters), 'The old rule, the true rule and contract administration notices in construction' (2014) 30 Building and Construction Law 88

Jaclyn Smith (Masters)

  • 'The case for exclusion of liability clauses in process contracts following Tercon Contractors Ltd v British Columbia (Transportation and Highways) 2010 SCC 4 (2014) 156 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 6
  • 'The enforcement of international arbitral awards in the Asia-Pacific region – a comparative study of recent cases' (2014) 30 Building and Construction Law 148

Shaheer Tarin (Masters)

  • 'Latent conditions in Australian Standards — a fair allocation of risk?' (2014) 26(9) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 145
  • 'The FIDIC engineer - a better approach to resolving the superintendent conflict?' (2014) 26(1) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 13


Patrick Easton (JD), 'Penalties percolating through the construction industry: Andrews v Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd' (2013) 29 Building and Construction Law 233

Juan Carlos Quiñones(Masters), 'Public-Private Partnerships in Colombia: Principles and Risk Allocation Schemes' (2013) 30 International Construction Law Review 147

Thomas Ho (JD), 'Mrocki v Mountview: Re-Learning how to interpret construction contracts after Jireh' BDPS News August 2013 35-42 (winner of the 2013 BDPS Student Prize)

Robert Malcolm (JD), 'Longstop in lockdown: Anticipating the outcome of Brirek Industries appeal on construction of s 134 Building Act 1993 (Vic)' BDPS News August 2013 18-22

Rami Marginean (JD), 'Subsequent purchasers and defective buildings: Making a case for greater clarity in Australia' (2013) 29 Building and Construction Law 315

Travis McCarthy (JD), 'Future Direction of Public Private Partnerships' (2013) 149 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 36

Jaclyn Smith (Masters)

  • 'Buyer beware? The current Australian position on the liability that a contractor owes to a subsequent owner of a building' (2013) 150 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 50
  • 'Proportionate liability in the building and construction industry following Hunt & Hunt v Mitchell Morgan' (2013) 152 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 30
  • 'Variations and the allocation of risk under construction contracts' (2013) 153 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 6

John Stock (Masters), 'The Pilbara rail access saga: Criterion (b) reaches the end of the line! Will access providers in Queensland jump on the revocation express?' (2013) 21 Competition & Consumer Law Journal111


Simon Frauenfelder (LLB), 'Performance anxiety – intention and ability to rectify and the award of rectification damages' (2012) 28 Building and Construction Law 90

Dado Hrustanpasic (LLB), 'Time-Bars and the Prevention Principle: Using Fair Extensions of Time and Common-Sense Causation' (2012) 28 Construction Law Journal 379 - Highly Commended, 2011 Brooking Prize

Kelvin Keane (Masters), 'Storm in a Tabcorp' (2012) 28 Building and Construction Law 4

Davron Lu (LLB), 'Making the right choice - strategic pairing of construction projects and delivery methodologies' (2012) 142 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 22

Nicholas Tam (LLB), 'Infrastructure Procurement after the Credit Crunch: A Guaranteed Future for PPPs in Australia?' [2012] European Procurement and Public Private Partnership Law Review 30

David Trinder (GradDip), 'Deconstructing "constructive acceleration"' (2012) 28 Building and Construction Law 319 - Winner, Brooking Student Prize, 2012

David Ulbrick (Masters) and Edward Harrison, 'Enforcement of upstream duties relating to OHS in Victoria: Lessons from proportionate liability?' (2012) 28 Building and Construction Law 176


Olivia Aliwarga (LLB), 'A review of the legislative framework of the domestic building industry: Are consumers adequately protected?' (2011) 42 Building Dispute Practitioners Society Newsletter 12 - Winner of the 2011 BDPS Student Prize

Sarah Lynden-Bell (Masters), 'The need for fundamental reform of the SOP Act and the security of payment process' (2011) 137 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 40

Sharon Ng (LLB), 'The likely impact of Chase Oyster Bar v Hamo Industries upon security of payment legislation in the Australian building and construction industry' (2011) 139 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 47

Marianne Rose (Masters), 'Can project alliance contracts deliver Australia's National Broadband Network?' (2011) 11(3) Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building 68

Moshe Ross (LLB), 'The status of the prevention principle: Good from far, but far from good?' (2011) 27 Construction Law Journal 15

Natalie Speranza (LLB), 'An evaluation of Australian security of payment and United States construction lien law' (2011) 27 Building and Construction Law 169

Benjamin Teo (LLB), 'Proactive dispute prevention: The value of dispute review boards to the construction industry' (2011) 27 Building and Construction Law 233

Trevor Thomas (MPhil), 'Alliancing contracts and fiduciary duties: Trust and confidence in relationship contracting' (2011) 28 International Construction Law Review 364 - Winner of the 2010 Brooking Prize

Carryn Vincec (LLB), 'It's a two-way street: Competitive dialogue's ability to promote flexibility and fairness in public procurement' (2011) 27 Building and Construction Law 221

David Wood (LLB), 'Clause for concern: The referral of unsuitable disputes to expert determination in Australian construction contracts' (2011) 27 Building and Construction Law 377


Michael Ting (LLB), 'Building on shaky ground: Quality and safety in China's construction industry in the wake of the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes' (2010) 10(3) Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building 62

David Ulbrick (Masters), 'Construction of the great Australian dream: Formation of domestic building contracts in Victoria' (2010) 26 Building and Construction Law 78

Richard Wilkinson (Masters), 'Design, novate and construct – a devil in disguise?' (2010) 26(3) Building and Construction Law 156


Owen Hayford (Masters), 'Contractual models for improving Sydney ferry services' (2009) 25 Building and Construction Law 155

David Ulbrick (Masters), 'Tradies and the Trade Practices Act' (2009) 25 Building and Construction Law 8

Teena Zhang (LLB), 'Why national legislation is required for the effective operation of the security of payment scheme' (2009) 25 Building and Construction Law 376


Owen Hayford (Masters), 'Watch out! The duty to warn on construction projects' (2008) 24 Building and Construction Law 163

Sally Kirby (LLB), 'Do "dispute boards" offer any solutions to the challenges faced by traditional forms of dispute resolution in the Australian construction industry?' (2008) 20(6) Australian Construction Law Bulletin 56


Matthew Bell (Masters), 'Scaling the Peak: The Prevention Principle in Australian Construction Contracting' (2006) 23 International Construction Law Review 318


Brian Clayton (Masters), 'Can a contractor recover when time-barred?' (2005) 22(3) International Construction Law Review 341

Owen Hayford (Masters) 'Challenging security of payment adjudications after Brodyn' (2005) 21 Building and Construction Law 328


Matthew Bell (Masters), 'Will the Silver Book become the World Bank's new gold standard? The interrelationship between the World Bank's infrastructure procurement policies and FIDIC'S construction contracts' (2004) 22 International Construction Law Review 164

Bryan Thomas (Masters), 'The assessment of damages for breach of contract for defective building work' (2004) 20 Building and Construction Law 230


Matthew Bell (Masters), 'From an Invitation to treat to an invitation to tread... warily' (2003) 19 Building and Construction Law 89

Donald Charrett (Masters), 'Recent statutory reforms to the principle of joint and several liability and effect on plaintiff's choice of defendant' (2003) 19 Building and Construction Law 345

Donald Charrett (Masters), ‘Insured’s Access to Insolvent Insurer’s Reinsurance’ (2003) 14 Insurance Law Journal 221

Donald Charrett (Masters), ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance - Do Third Parties have an Interest?’ (2003) 14 Insurance Law Journal 77

Donald Charrett (Masters), ‘Design and Construct Contracts and Final Design Cost Risk’ (2003) 13 BDPS Newsletter 10; (2003) 91 Australian Construction Law Newsletter 5


Donald Charrett (Masters), 'Quantum Meruit Claims in Construction Law’ (2002) 9 BDPS Newsletter 6


Kelly Godfrey (Masters), '"Pure" economic loss' (2001) 17 Building and Construction Law 302