Advancing Investor Action on Energy Transition

Project Overview

Funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant (DP220100124) for 2022-2025, this project aims to advance action by investors (debt and equity) to increase finance for low-carbon energy sources that reduce fundamental climate risks. The project applies interdisciplinary approaches to generate new knowledge about the business case for investor leadership on energy transition and supportive climate law and financial regulatory frameworks. Collaborative legal and business analysis by leading Australian and US scholars, coupled with interviews and focus groups with investors, will examine contemporary engagement practices and investors' management of climate-related financial risks. Expected outcomes are targeted reform proposals to benefit policymakers and the environment by fostering private financing of clean energy.


Project Outcomes

Working Paper

Working Paper: AGL & Mike Cannon-Brookes – A case study of investor leadership on climate change?

The recent AGL saga has highlighted the role of investors as a force for pushing the decarbonisation of companies. But questions remain as to whether this approach is consistent with understandings of corporate purpose and existing legal frameworks, and the implications of this as a case study of ‘investor leadership’ in the climate space. This working paper explores these issues.


Treasury Consultation on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

The submission provides input into a potential framework for climate-related financial risks. Date of submission: 17 February 2023

Treasury Consultation on the Purpose of Superannuation

The submission provides feedback on the proposed draft objective of superannuation. Authors: Dr Arjuna Dibley, A/Prof Andrew Godwin, Prof Matthew Harding, Ms Rebekkah Markey-Towler, A/Prof Ben Neville, and Prof Jacqueline Peel. Date of submission: 31 March 2023

Senate Inquiry on Greenwashing

This submission brings together expertise from researchers from the University of Melbourne, as part of the Melbourne Climate Futures (MCF) initiative to respond to the call for submissions to the Senate’s inquiry into greenwashing. Authors:  Dr Arj Dibley, Dr Lily O’Neill, Ms Rebekkah Markey-Towler, Associate Professor Ben Neville, Professor Christine Parker, Professor Jacqueline Peel. Date of submission: 8 June 2023


How one student forced the government to admit the economic risks of climate change

The Conversation,  7 September 2023  I  Dr Arjuna Dibley

While the recent case is a reminder for government issuers to consider how climate change will impact government bond repayment obligations, their challenge isn’t solved by better disclosure practices. Nevertheless, Australian governments should continue their plans to better understand and disclose climate risks.

Climate litigation is on the rise around the world and Australia is at the head of the pack 

The Conversation,  27 July 2023 I Author: Professor Jacqueline Peel

A new report from the United Nations Environment Programme found a staggering 127 climate lawsuits in Australia. Australia is second only to the United States on the number of cases and slightly ahead on a per capita basis.