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Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements -
For more information on treaty and agreement-making with Indigenous Australians and the nature of the cultural, social and legal rights encompassed by past, present and potential agreements and treaties, see this website to access the ARC Linkage project on Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements (ATNS).

Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law
"APEEL has developed a blueprint for the next generation of Australian environmental laws with the aim of ensuring a healthy, functioning and resilient environment for generations to come".

Environmental Justice Australia -
A legal organisation committed to protecting the environment and communities.

Environmental Law Online -
If you are looking for more information on environmental law, the Environment Defenders Office (Vic) now offers its legal publications through Environmental Law Online. It offers the community information on a broad range of environmental law topics at no cost.

Life Poets' Simplicity Collective -
Samuel Alexander, postgraduate student with MCLE has founded the Life Poets' Simplicity Collective which is a grass roots environmental organization dedicated to creatively promoting and celebrating sustainable culture. This organization was launched in February 2009 at the Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne.

Melbourne Energy Institute -
The Melbourne Energy Institute research portfolio "engages over 300 researchers from disciplines including Architecture, Arts, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Health, Law and Planning. The unifying theme of our research programs is building capacity to meet the challenges of transitioning towards a low carbon energy system. Please use these links to find researchers with whom you might like to work".