2013 - Mainstreaming Environmental Water Law and Practice

In October 2013, CREEL hosted a workshop "Mainstreaming Environmental Water Law and Practice" - A one day workshop in Melbourne, bringing together researchers and practitioners in environmental water law, policy and management.

Erin O'Donnell and Rebecca Nelson, from CREEL, compiled the program and report for the workshop which can be found below in addition to papers for 4 research topics.

Workshop Program and Report

Topic 1: Structural issues and the "big picture": What institutional mechanisms and legal status can and should we provide for environmental water as a "partner" in water use?. Benjamin Docker.

Topic 2: How can and how should the environment fit within "mainstream" water law and policy mechanisms? Garry Smith.

Topic 3: What special legal issues arise for the use of environmental water in times of "flood" (natural or artificial)? David Dreverman.

Topic 4: How do environmental conservation laws interact with environmental aspects of water laws? Michael Bennett and Alex Gardner.