CMCITL Publications

Research Paper No. 1, July 1996

'The Legal Implications of Publishing on the Internet' - publication of seminar proceedings. Papers by Dr G. Hughes, Hunt and Hunt; Prof. M. Botein, Communications Media Centre, N.Y. Law School; G. Gronow, Molomby and Molomby; M. Richardson, Law School; M. Schiel, Editor of the Law Institute Journal and the Australian Lawyer. Also includes a list of more than 100 World Wide Web sites for journalists and media and communications lawyers prepared by R. Huttner.

Research Paper No. 2, December 1996

'Theophanous and Stephens Revisited' - publication of seminar procedings. Analysis of the High Court's re-opening of Theophanous v Herald & Weekly Times Ltd and Stephens v West Australian Newspapers Ltd in Levy v. Victoria and Lange v ABC. Paper by G. Lindell and G. Craven of the Law School, University of Melbourne, analysing the applications for leave to reopen and reconsider the 1994 defamation cases. Written before the High Court's decisions in Lange v ABC and Levy v Victoria.

Research Paper No. 3, December 1996

'An Overview of the Protection of Freedom of Expression under Canadian Constitutional Law and Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms'. Paper by R. Burns examining the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on laws which restrict the publication of information. Increasingly, Australian cases involving restrictions on freedom of speech refer to the jurisprudence of other jursidictions.

Research Paper No. 4, November 1997

'Dispute Resolution in a Deregulated Telecommunications Environment' - publication of seminar proceedings. Examination of the impact of deregulation of the telecom-munications industry, with particular emphasis on dispute resolution. Papers by R. Shogren, D. Shiff, D. Weir & G. Phillips, Prof. G. Reinhardt, G. Crew.

Research Paper No. 5, January 1998

'Classification and Community Attitudes' - publication of seminar proceedings. Paper by J. Dickie, Australia's Chief Censor, on the Classification Legislation which operates throughout Australia. 

Research Paper No. 6, June 1998

'An Overview of the Protection of Freedom of Expression under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights'. Paper by A. Strahan. Examines the impact of Article 10 on laws which restrict the publication of material.

Research Paper No. 7, October 1998

'Self-Regulation of Telecommunications: Does it Deliver the Goods?' - publication of seminar proceedings. Follow-up conference to that held in September 1997 (see Research Paper No. 4). Papers by R. Shogren, P. Darling, P. Leonard, L. Williams, J. Stuckey, A. Horsley, P. Twomey, Assoc. Prof. M. Sneddon, J. Plante.

Research Paper No. 8, October 1999

Telecommunications Regime MkII: A Two-Year Perspective' - publication of seminar proceedings. Papers by Mr Rod Shogren, ACCC, Ms Deanne Weir, Telstra, and Mr Charles Britton, ACA.