Research Projects

Staff associated with MCLRN are involved in the following Major Research Projects.

ARC Discovery Project- Defamation and Privacy: Law, Media and Public Speech

This project investigates important recent legal changes in defamation and privacy, laws which can considerably limit public speech. It addresses the urgent need in law for a more sophisticated understanding and evaluation of the practices of media professionals. It will assist lawyers and judges apply the changed laws, contribute to scheduled reviews of legislation, assist publications and journalists deal with risks of legal liability, develop critical academic and legal debates about the media, and clarify the parameters of lawful public speech. It promotes better legal understanding of popular media forms, which have key roles in contemporary economies and public debate.

ARC Linkage Project: 2012-2014 Testing Trade Mark Law's Image of the Consumer

An effective trade mark law is vital both to protect consumers and to allow businesses to build brand recognition. This project seeks to put Australian trade mark law on a firmer empirical footing by bringing together experts from psychology, law and marketing to test the law's assumptions against actual consumer responses.

In addition, a successful application was made for a further infrastructure project:

ARC Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Project: The Australian Legal Scholarship Library: Enhancing Research Infrastructure for Australian Law