MLS Human Rights Community

MLS Human Rights Community

The MLS Human Rights Community is a unique initiative only open to MLS students in the JD, LLM and RHD programs.

It offers a range of opportunities for MLS students to meet regularly and engage in a range of social, academic and advocacy projects related to human rights.

Student feedback has been extremely positive –

"Brilliant - by far the highlight of my JD so far. The expertise and passion of all the staff involved is unmatched’; ‘The Human Rights community has undoubtedly provided many of us a safe space and community’; ‘It was a great opportunity to learn more about human rights law and the opportunities available to students, and the possible career paths."

Students can enrol here

MLS Human Rights Community

2022 MLS Community Report
Professor John Tobin established the Human Rights Program in 2022, with the primary goal of curating and promoting the extensive range of teaching, research and engagement activities being undertaken within the Melbourne Law School (MLS) in the field of human rights. The Human Rights Program’s secondary goal is to increase students’ engagement with co-curricular activities and campus life, by fostering an inclusive, diverse and active community built on a shared passion for Human Rights.

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