Misleading Silence Colloquium

Misleading Silence Colloquium coverpage

Two day forum presented by 22 speakers from Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA on the following topics:

  • Critical pressure points in the regulation of silence in misleading conduct
  • Misleading silence under the Australian consumer law:  Perspectives from linguistics
  • Historical perspectives on silence and deception in private law
  • The norm against misleading conduct and implications for the regulation of misleading silence
  • Silence and group litigation (statute and fiduciary obligations)
  • Silence and good faith
  • Misleading silence in mistake
  • Statutory regulation of misleading silence
  • Misleading silence as the basis for insider trading liability under the US federal securities laws
  • Misleading silence in vitiated consent transactions
  • Misleading silence and deceit
  • Misleading silence in unjust enrichment
  • Core issues in the regulation of misleading silence in corporate law and commercial law.