Global PhDs on Statelessness (GPS)

Meet the Global PhDs on Statelessness Network

The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness is delighted to host the Global PhDs on Statelessness (GPS) webpage, showcasing the exciting and varied emerging approaches to statelessness research. GPS is a network of PhD students and Doctoral researchers engaged on issues of citizenship and statelessness around the world. The network was set up by participants of the inaugural PhD Workshop on Citizenship and Statelessness hosted by Tilburg University in October 2018.

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The GPS webpage is updated biannually. If you would like to have your work featured please contact Deirdre Brennan.

  • Sara Abbasi
    University of Canterbury

    Belonging and Exclusion: Citizenship and Nationality under International Law

  • Haqqi Bahram
    Linkoping University

    Syrian Kurds and Politics of Naturalization: From Statelessness to Displacement to Citizenship

  • Zoe Bell
    University of New South Wales

    Refugee Protection and Statelessness; The Experiences of the Rohingya Community in Australia

  • Malak Benslama-Dabdoub
    Queen Mary University of London

    Nationality and Statelessness in International Law: a De-colonial Perspective on Syrian asylum-seekers in the UK and France

  • Katalin Berenyi
    National University of Public Service

    Mapping Stateless Minorities' Vulnerability to Mass Atrocities and Radicalization

  • Deirdre Brennan
    University of Melbourne

    Campaigning for citizenship in Nepal (2006 – 2019): Assessing how activism impacts upon law reform and the public perception of the stateless

  • Natalie Brinham
    Queen Mary University of London

    The slow and ongoing production of Rohingya statelessness in Myanmar

  • Jing-Han Chen
    University of Edinburgh

    The Statelessness Issue in Taiwan:  A Comparison of the Statelessness of Tibetan Refugees in Taiwan and Overseas Taiwanese People

  • Nubin Ciziri
    Uppsala University 

    Education and Statelessness: Strategies of Kurdish Refugee Families from Syria in Sweden

  • Eleanor Cotterill
    Swansea University

    Experiences of Statelessness in the UK (working title)

  • Yuriko Cowper Smith
    Yuriko Cowper-Smith
    University of Guelph

    Rohingya Migrants’ Political Activism in Canada – A Complex Explanatory Model

    email address to come

  • Eve Hayes de Kalaf
    University of Liverpool

    Legal Identity, Social Policy and the Contours of Belonging in the Contemporary Dominican Republic

  • Sangita Jaghai Bajulaiye
    Tilburg University

    Denationalization (working title)

  • Konstantina Keramitsi
    University of Macedonia

    Statelessness in Greece: an invisible phenomenon

  • Tejal Khanna
    Jawaharlal Nehru University

    Persons and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: A Case Study of Rohingyas

  • Julie Lugulu
    University of the Western Cape

    Childhood statelessness in Kenya, a review of legislative compliance with international law

  • Cecilia Manzotti
    University of Sussex

    Unknown nationality? The determination of the nationality status of asylum seekers and refugees, including their possible statelessness, in Europe

  • Thomas McGee
    University of Melbourne

    Syria's changing statelessness landscape: from protracted situations to "ticking time bombs"

  • Yesim Mutlu
    Middle East Technical University

    Disowning Citizens: Arbitrary Revocation of Citizenship and Statelessness in the Paternalist Turkish State

  • Allison Petrozziello
    Wilfrid Laurier University

    Stateless at Birth? Upholding the Human Right to a Nationality for Migrant Women’s Children

  • Atefah Ramsari
    University of Bielefeld

    Comparative study of experiencing citizenship regimes of Syria
    and Iraq by Kurdish ethnic people

  • Maria Jose Recalde-Vela
    Tilburg University

    Statelessness and Decolonial Perspectives (working title)

  • Victoria Reitter
    University of Salzburg

    On the Production of Statelessness

  • Jade Roberts
    University of Melbourne

    Beyond the State: An Individual Rights Approach to Recognising and Protecting the Rights of Stateless People

  • Barbara von Rütte
    University of Basel

    The Human Right to Citizenship. From State Privilege to Individual Right

  • Katherine G. Southwick
    National University of Singapore

    Theorizing Rule of Law for Ethnically Divided Societies

  • Louise Tiessen
    University of Kent

    From the dangerous other to the good citizen – The case of German ISIS returnees (working title)

  • Anubhav Tiwari
    Monash University

    The Idea(l) of ‘Citizenship’ for the Protection and Well-being of Refugees in India

  • Kaveri Urmilesh
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences

    Interrogating Statelessness, Human Rights and Inclusion: A Study of Rohingyas in India (Working title)

  • Caia Vliecks
    Tilburg University

    European statelessness: Nationality and the reduction of statelessness in Europe (working title)

  • Ashley Walters
    University of Connecticut

    Statelessly United: An Ethnographic Inquiry of Statelessness in the United States

  • Amorisa Wiratri
    University of Western Australia
    The Indonesian Diaspora across the Celebes Sea: Citizenship, Negotiation, and Identity