2024 Melbourne Forum

"Climate Change and Constitutions"

Jointly organised by International IDEA, the Constitution Transformation Network and National Taiwan University College of Law, the Eighth Melbourne Forum on Constitution Building in Asia and the Pacific focuses on climate change as the defining global challenge of our time, and the constitutional opportunities and challenges it presents.

Drawing on experiences and perspectives from 16 jurisdictions across Asia and the Pacific, discussions will explore:

  • how the spatial scale of climate change and its effects present challenges for constitutional governance, requiring action not just by the central state but across every arena of governance, from local community level to the international level;
  • how the longer time-horizon of climate change and its effects expose the short-termism of democratic electoral cycles and the limits of current frames of representation; and
  • how climate change requires us to re-think the anthropocentric and present-centred approach to constitutions and pay greater attention to conceptions found in many Indigenous cultures, where (often unwritten) constitutions are framed more broadly around relationships within land, sea and natural phenomena, as well as past and future generations.

This Melbourne Forum will take place on 23-24 May 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan. Attendance is by invitation only but event outputs will include a report and policy briefs addressing key issues arising from the discussions.

Forum documents

These links provide access to the main Forum documents, as well as the program of a Roundtable taking place the day after the Forum.