Inclusion and Participation

  • CTN Policy Brief: "Direct Public Participation in Constitution-Making"

    This Policy Brief examines the practice of public consultation in constitution‐making from a critical point of view. The growing momentum for public participation in constitution‐making is supported by normative arguments, which can broadly be categorised under the headings of democracy and ‘the rights‐based approach’. However, clarity is required in understanding the purpose, modalities and outcomes of public participation in constitution‐making.

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  • CTN Policy Brief: "Women and Constitutions in Action"

    What is the significance of ‘the woman question’ to our understanding of constitutions in action? Recent work on women and constitution-building has focused on textual provisions for women’s equality and the participation of women in the process of constitution making. In contrast, this Policy Brief, informed by the insights gathered from the Australia-ASEAN Women in Constitution-Building Capacity Development Program, focuses on how constitutional governance in practice affects women.  By shifting the focus in this way, we hope to respond to a broader range of challenges and opportunities that women encounter in ensuring that constitutional practices and institutions are inclusive of women, represent the interests of women, and respect women’s right to substantive equality.

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