VIDEO: Domestic violence, COVID-19 and 'home'

Professor Belinda Fehlberg discusses how COVID-19 restrictions, job losses and social isolation is impacting victims of domestic and family violence.

Home is generally considered a place of retreat, something fundamental to our emotional wellbeing. Yet regarding domestic and family violence, home is not a positive place. Significant job losses and social isolation resulting form COVID-19 restrictions has led to increased concern for victims of family violence, for whom the risk of harm is higher than ever. Professor Belinda Fehlberg discusses her recent research on this important issues.

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The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria has developed a frequently asked questions resource for victim-survivors of domestic and family violence and their family and friends. These resources can be found here:

Information about signs that may indicate that someone is experiencing domestic and family violence can be found here:


This video draws on research on the meaning of home after parental separation conducted with funding from the Australian Research Council. Further information about the study is available here: