VIDEO: Germs and Justice complete series

How has COVID-19 impacted privacy, jobs and democracy? Watch the complete Germs and Justice three-part series featuring Jon Faine and leading MLS experts discussing these important issues.

Germs and Justice – Part 1: COVIDSafe

Is Big Brother on your phone? Professor Alison Duxbury, Associate Professor Jason Bosland and Professor Jeannie Paterson discuss the COVIDSafe app, and how the pandemic has changed the landscape of privacy and surveillance.

Germs and Justice – Part 2: Jobs

Who will survive the axe? And what rights will be lost? Professor John Howe and Professor Miranda Stewart discuss COVID-19’s impact on jobs and workplaces.

Germs and Justice – Part 3: Democracy

Has the pandemic Killed the free world? Professor Adrienne Stone, Associate Professor Tom Daly and Associate Professor William Partlett to discuss the rules, regulations and governance that have emerged during the pandemic, and whether they will outlast this emergency.