Economic Recovery: What can tax and welfare reform deliver?

We have succeeded so far in the health battle against COVID 19, but how can we pay for it while rebuilding the economy?

The Australian government responded to the COVID19 health crisis with a massive fiscal injection, including payments to businesses through the tax system, the Jobseeker payment and welfare changes that increased payments and relaxed income and asset tests, the enormous Jobkeeper wage subsidy, and funds to stop the childcare sector collapsing. These measures double the size of Australia’s welfare state.

Are tax and welfare reforms needed on the pathway to economic recovery, or is a crisis a bad time to start big law reforms? And what will happen when policy meets politics in achieving essential law reforms for a resilient economic and social state in future?

Ms Danielle Wood (CEO, Grattan Institute)
Mr Paul Tilley (Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law School)
Professor Guyonne Kalb (Professorial Fellow, Senior Research Manager and co-Coordinator of the Labour Markets and Employment Program, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research)

Moderated by: Professor Miranda Stewart (Director of the Tax Group, Melbourne Law School)

This webinar is part of Melbourne Law School's expert panel series focusing on the current and predicted effects of Covid-19. Our academics and industry partners discuss legal matters such as financial wellbeing, constitutional government, labour law enforcement, human rights, privacy and much more. 

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