The Indigenous Law and Justice Hub (ILJH) brings together legal experts and community leaders to produce rigorous legal research that can be directly applied in Indigenous advocacy and self-governance. We are educators who play a central role in developing our law students’ understandings of Indigenous cultures, legal systems, and Indigenous experiences of settler law.


The ILJH’s research focus is two areas of law and policy that are of pressing importance for Indigenous peoples: Criminal In/justice and Treaty. Our aim is to support and amplify Indigenous voices in these fields with high quality legal research and improved community access to research and advice.

News and events

White Noise of settler law

White Noise of settler law is the Hub's hallmark event series and podcast. It features a series of justice talks with leading Indigenous academics, legal practitioners and community as guest speakers for a look at how the while settler law of the justice system continues to affect Indigenous people.

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Tent Embassy
Aboriginal tent embassy officials arrive at the embassy after it had be re-erected on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra, where over 1,000 Aborigines and their supporters demonstrated for Aboriginal land rights, 30 July 1972.

Classroom Photo Mural Initiative

The purpose of the initiative is to acknowledge the long, complex (and important) history of lawful relations between Indigenous and Anglo-Australian laws and peoples. The Law School acknowledges that Anglo- Australian law is marked by refusal and violence, and has often been found wanting, when asked to meet with Indigenous laws. But we also want to recognise that Indigenous peoples in Australia have resisted, argued with and transformed the law we teach and learn every day in the MLS Building.

Content Warning: This gallery may contain images or names of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased.

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