What do Politicians say about a National Treaty Process

This event was presented by the organising partners of the National Treaties Summit: Melbourne University, National Native Title Council and ANTaR National.


  • Senator Patrick Dodson
  • Sentaor Lidia Thorpe
  • Nyunggai Warren Mundine
  • Eddie Cubillo


With a Federal Election likely in the next six months, we welcome Senator Pat Dodson, Senator Lidia Thorpe and Mr Warren Mundine to discuss their views on the next steps our Nation can take towards a National Treaty process. The next Parliament of Australia, like those before it, still needs to address the flaws in the foundations of our nation, to reconcile the relationship with this continent’s First Nations peoples and the State, our unfinished business. On the back of the treaty processes already underway in a number of the states and territories, our panel discusses a range of topics relating to how we instigate a National Treaty process in the coming years. This online panel discussion is a part of the Treaty Talks series produced by the National Treaties Summit Steering Committee partners, the National Native Title Council, Melbourne Law School and ANTAR.

Note: Technical difficulties effected the live broadcast and video feed in a few places, however the audio of the conversation is intact in full.