Storying the future: First Nations and education in decolonising Australia

Professor Tracey Bunda, Associate Professor Nikki Moode, Dr Eddie Cubillo, Mr Zack Haddock

Starting from the premise that education systems have an extraordinarily powerful impact on what stories are even possible to tell, we will hear inclusive narratives built out of truth, reconciliation and learning. This lively panel discussion reimagines how First Nations’ peoples can help us shape a different and more powerful sense of who we are and who we can be that live on these lands, and of a nation going through a long process of decolonisation.


  • Professor Tracey Bunda, University of Queensland
  • Associate Professor Nikki Moode, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Eddie Cubillo, Associate Dean (Indigenous Programs), University of Melbourne
  • Mr Zack Haddock, Executive Director, Koorie Outcomes Division, Victoria Department of Education and Training