Indigenous Students and the Melbourne Law Masters

About the Melbourne Law Masters

The Melbourne Law Masters (MLM) program offers masters degrees, graduate diplomas, specialist certificates and single subjects across 26 specialist legal areas to deepen knowledge and understanding in a broad or specialised area of law. You can find information on the different courses and entry requirements (a prior law degree is not always required). Most subjects are taught intensively over a week. In 2021 most subjects offered will be taught on-line.

Subjects are taught by distinguished legal scholars and practitioners from many parts of the world and the Law School's own experienced faculty, sometimes teaching in teams.  The small class format enables students to interact with experts in their fields of interest.

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

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Melbourne Law Masters Indigenous Bursary

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons admitted to any of our Melbourne Law Masters courses at Melbourne Law School will receive a bursary to cover approximately 75% of their course fees. If you are offered a place, the Academic Service Office will contact you with next steps to receive your bursary. For further information, please contact

Melbourne Law Masters subject offerings

Comparative Indigenous Rights (LAWS90127)

This highly topical subject analyses the rights of Indigenous peoples in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Topics discussed include Aboriginal title and the doctrine of discovery, treaties, land and resource rights, self-determination, and Indigenous families and justice. The subject will be taught from a critical perspective, comparing and assessing the treatment of Indigenous rights in the four jurisdictions. In exploring these issues, the subject will also examine aspects of legal pluralism, and assess a variety of normative and political justifications for Indigenous rights.

Subject Coordinator: Professor John Burrows

Programme: Melbourne Law Masters

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Professional Opportunities and external funding

Professional development, scholarship and funding opportunities for Indigenous law students.

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