Legal Research Workshops

Legal Research Workshops

The Law Library and the Legal Academic Skills (LASC) LMS Community run a series of workshops and Q&A sessions on a range of topics that are designed to develop and consolidate foundational legal research skills. No need to register.

Note: to join these classes please go to Legal Academic Skills Centre LMS Community.

Session Date and Time
Developing a Topic and Approaches to Legal Research 6 March, 1:00pm
Finding Secondary Sources for your Research Paper 9 March, 1:00pm
Researching Australian Legislation 13 March, 1:00pm
Researching Australian Case Law 16 March, 1:30pm
Managing your Research with Zotero* 20 March, 1:00pm
Researching International Public Law 21 March, 1:00pm
Foreign and Comparative Law  27 March, 1:00pm
Technology and the Law 28 March, 1:00pm
Decolonising Research30 March, 1:00pm
Legal Research Gatherings - informal drop-in sessions where students can connect and ask questions.4 April, 5:00pm
27 April, 1:00pm
11 May, 5:00pm

*To get the most out of this Zotero session we  recommend  downloading Zotero and registering for a Zotero account. Details and instructions via the Zotero for Law Research Guide.

Torts Q&A Drop-in Sessions

These sessions are for students enrolled in Torts (LAWS50025) and are run by Cassandra (LASC Legal Research Advisor) and Gemma (Liaison Librarian). Zoom links are available via LASC’s Torts LMS page.

The drop-in Torts research questions are held at the following times:

  • Tuesday, 14 March, 1:00pm - Law Library Room 302 and via Zoom
  • Thursday, 23 March, 4:00pm - Law Library Room 302 and via Zoom
  • Tuesday, 28 March, 12:00pm - Law Library Room 302 and via Zoom