Australian Case Citator Comparison

The following table compares the four Australian case citators: CaseBase (Lexis Advance), KeyCite (Westlaw Australia), Jade, and LawCite (AustLII).



(Lexis Advance)


(Westlaw Australia)




Links through to a full text version of the caseYes YesYesYes
Contains authorised version of a caseYesYes   
Full text searching is possible*  Yes 
Contains litigation historyYesYesYes 
Lists cases cited by the caseYesYesYesYes
Lists cases citing the caseYesYesYesYes
Includes legislation judicially consideredYesYesYesYes
Lists journal articles referring to the caseYesYes Yes
Informs you whether the case is on appealYes   
Indicates the subsequent judicial treatment of the caseYesYesYesYes
Can search for words and phrases judicially consideredYesYesYes 
Contains subject classifications that link to similar cases Yes  
Contains citations to decisions from courts of foreign jurisdictionsYes YesYes
The citator is accessible to the public  YesYes
Provides citation to paragraph levelYes Yes 
Relevant law reform commission reports referring to the case   Yes

*Full text searching is not available in CaseBase or KeyCite citators, however you can do full text searching by navigating to the Cases tab in both Lexis Advance and Westlaw Australia.