Reference Management

Australian Guide to Legal Citation

The reference style used at Melbourne Law School is the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th edition (AGLC4).

AGLC4 is published by the Melbourne University Law Review (MULR) and the Melbourne Journal of International Law. The Melbourne University Law Review website has an  online PDF version of AGLC4.

You can purchase a print copy of the AGLC4 from the MULR website.  Print copies of ALGC4 are available for loan in the Law Library High Use area (call number K114 AUST).

You can also access a series of short instructional videos on  AGLC4 (part of the Law Library video series). There is also a section of the Library's Re:cite website dedicated to referencing using AGLC4.

Reference management software

Reference management software can assist you with managing references and creating references / bibliographies in your documents.

There are many different reference management software options available -  Re:cite includes information on the different tools, including Zotero and EndNote.

Support offered by the Law Library


The Law Library offers Zotero for Law training during the academic semester.  For more information on the sessions see the Research Skills page. There are also classes offered by Melbourne University Library accessible via News and Events.


Get started with our webinar on Zotero for beginners. You can also access a series of short, instructional videos on using Zotero and AGLC4, available from the Law Library video series:

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