Services for MLS Staff

Services for MLS Staff


Purchase Requests

To request a new book, journal, database or other information resource, please compete the form at:

Recommend a Purchase Form

Collection Development

To discuss developing areas of the Library collection to better support learning and teaching and research needs contact Bernard Lyons, Acting Law School Librarian.

High Use

If you are preparing subject reading guides that contain titles from the general text collection, the Law Library staff will place these items in the High Use collection to ensure maximum access for all students. This may also apply to photocopied articles or cases. Items can be restricted to two hour or overnight loan. Please email to request items be placed in the High Use Collection.

Learning & Teaching

For general information about how the Library supports learning and teaching, see the University Library’s website Teaching@Library.

Request a Research Workshop

The Law Library provides general and subject specific legal research classes on request. The classes build on the resources and research advice provided in our list of over 45 Law Library research guides. To request a class, please complete the form.

Request a Research Class Form

Book a PC Lab

PC labs may be booked for teaching by Law Faculty staff at the University of Melbourne.

The Law Library manages 3 computer labs, available to both students and staff, for research.

There are three computer labs:

  • G14 (Ground floor lab) – 27 computers
  • 319 (Third floor lab) – 46 computers
  • 427 (Fourth floor lab in the library) – 6 computers

Computer lab 319 is used primarily for teaching, G14 and 319 are equipped with overhead data projectors, and 427 has a monitor connected to the presenter's PC.

Law faculty staff can book the labs throughout the year by filling in the following request form. You will be notified by e-mail as to whether your request can be fulfilled.

To view the booking schedule Book now

Book a meeting room

There are 3 meeting rooms in the Law Library that can be booked by staff of the Law Library, Legal Academic Skills Centre, Office for Research and MLS Academic Research Support Service for meetings, or student consultations.  The following rooms are available:

  • Room 302* - seats approximately 12 people. Includes a screen which is connected to a computer and can be connected to a laptop.
  • Room 305* - seats approximately 4 people. Please note this room can only be booked by Law Library staff for student consultations.
  • Room 312 - seats approximately 6 people. Includes a screen which can be connected to a laptop. Please note this room cannot be booked during the hours of 12-2pm.

Make a booking

* These rooms can only be booked by staff during the hours of 8.45am-5pm. After 5pm these rooms are available for students to book via BookIT.


MLS staff who wish to photocopy library resources are invited to use the Law School photocopier in the Law Library Mail Room, Rm 308. The room is accessible via swipe card.


Research Support Services

For general information about how the Library supports research, see University Library’s site Researcher@Library.

Citation Reports

Compilation of citation reports of publications for MLS academics submitting grant and promotion applications. This service includes information about citations metrics and journal rankings of your publications.

For requests and more information about citation reports, please contact Bernard Lyons, Acting Law School Librarian.

Customised Research Consultations for MLS Graduate Research Students

Customised research consultations covers topics such as identifying information sources, statistics and data, effective strategies for literature searches, alert services to keep up to date with legal information resources. To book a session, email

Journal Rankings

Information about journal ranking for law and other disciplines. Contact Bernard Lyons, Acting Law School Librarian.

Manuscript Submission Services

The Law Library manages the accounts for using Scholastica law journal article submission services. Contact Bernard Lyons, Acting Law School Librarian.

Open Access

For information about open access publishing options, contact Angela Hendley-Boys in the Office for Research.

The Law Library can set up a Perma account for you to create permanent archived versions of web pages that can be included in your footnotes.  Contact Trung Quach.

Research Data Management Plans

Advice on establishing a suitable research data management plan to meet the unique needs of MLS academics and graduate research degree students. Contact Bernard Lyons,

Researcher Profiles

Customised consultations for setting up researcher profiles including ORCID, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate for MLS researchers and graduate research degree students. See our research guide on Researcher Profiles for Law. Contact Bernard Lyons,

MLS Academic Research Service

The MLS Academic Research Service (formerly the Law Research Service) supports the research and publication effort of the Melbourne Law School (MLS) by providing comprehensive research support to MLS academic staff.

Please note that the service is available only to MLS staff. For reference and research enquiries by non-MLS academics, please contact the Law Library at or on 8344 8913 – the librarians will be happy to help.

Keep up-to-date

The MLS Academic Research Service can create alerts for Melbourne Law School academic staff. Please contact if you wish to use this service.

If you want to set up your own alerts, use the Keeping Up to Date in Law Research Guide to assist you.