Current Issue

Volume 23(2) — December 2022


  • Legal Analysis of the Argentine and Australian Titles to Territory in Antarctica
    Bruno Arpi, Jeffrey McGee, Andrew Jackson and Indi Hodgson-Johnston
  • Apartheid, Palestine v Israel and the Obligation of Third States Party under Article 3 ICERD 
    David Keane
  • Autonomous Systems, Private Actors, Outer Space and War: Lessons for Addressing Accountability Concerns in Uncertain Legal Environments
    Eve Massingham and Dale Stephens
  • Climate Insecurity: The Promise and Peril of Securitising Climate Change before the UN Security Council
    Ash Murphy
  • A New International Instrument against Wildlife Trafficking? An Appraisal of Current Proposals
    Andreas Schloenhardt and Madeleine Pitman

Book Review