General Member Recruitment

How to apply

Applications for the Semester 2, 2022 hiring round have now closed. Applications for the Semester 1, 2023 hiring round will open in March 2023.

Applications are open to all Melbourne Law School students (Juris Doctor and Masters) from any year level. To apply, applicants must submit the following:

  • A CV detailing your skills and experiences;
  • A cover letter of no longer than one page in length outlining short responding to the following points:
    • Your interest in being involved with MJIL;
    • Your interest in international law (either generally or in specific areas of international law);
    • What you can bring to MJIL;
    • Your ability to commit time and effort to MJIL;
    • Your law school year level and expected graduation year/semester;
  • A completed practical exercise (both the marked-up article and the footnote table).

Applications can be submitted one of two ways:

  • Hard Copy: All four documents should be clearly labelled and collated (stapled, clipped or in a plastic slip) and dropped into the submissions box outside of the MJIL office on the east side of Level 2. The footnotes table should be completed electronically and printed off. We ask that you keep your soft copy work throughout the application process.
  • Soft Copy: All four documents can be sent to The hand-edited article should be scanned and compiled into one PDF.

Position Description

General Members form the foundations of MJIL's success and are integral to the editing work of the Journal. The Journal publishes two issues each year, with each volume corresponding to each semester. General Members are allocated one article for each issue to work on with a team of other General Members, under the guidance of an Assistant Editor. The General Member's primary roles are proofreading the article for general sense, spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, and conformity with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, as well as source-checking the veracity of the citations.

Responsibilities of General Members include:

  • physically locating all the sources in the footnotes that are assigned to you;
  • creating and storing digital copies of the sources for later review by other editorial members;
  • ensuring that each source cited by the author(s) supports the relevant proposition in the body of their article;
  • checking that the article complies with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, both text and footnotes; and
  • other tasks as may be required from time to time to support the editorial process and operations of MJIL.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about international law and MJIL, who are willing to commit the time to work towards its continued success and who wish to be part of its close-knit community. Desirable characteristics in a General Member include:

  • high attention to detail and care in carrying out work;
  • excellent time management and communication skills;
  • interest in proofreading, editing and source-checking;
  • high levels of accuracy and reliability;
  • previous editorial experience (beneficial but not mandatory);
  • interest in (learning about and engaging with) international law.

Other Roles at MJIL

The Journal offers many editorial and non-editorial positions as part of its internal recruitment. These roles greatly contribute to the operation of the Journal for the benefit of its readers and members.

Editorial roles at MJIL follow this hierarchy:

  • Editor
  • Assistant Editor
  • General Member

Non-editorial roles operate at the periphery of the Journal's editorial work, as well as contribute to the administrative and non-editorial operations of the Journal. These roles include:

  • Secretary
  • Business Manager
  • Sponsorship Manager
  • Events Managers
  • Submissions Coordinators
  • Solicitations Coordinators
  • Alumni Coordinator
  • Production Editor