The Melbourne Law Masters Student Association (MLMSA) is a comprised of elected and appointed Melbourne Law Masters (MLM) students who represent the collective interests of all MLM students within Melbourne Law School.

Any student enrolled in a subject or course in the MLM program is considered to be eligible to be a member of the MLMSA. The MLMSA also organises regular social and professional networking events in order to enhance the individual experience of the MLM program.

In accordance with the MLMSA Constitution the aims of the MLMSA are to:

  1. Create a student community to promote social and professional networks between MLM students;
  2. Facilitate interaction between MLM students and MLM academics and the wider legal community;
  3. Represent the collective interests of Members within Melbourne Law School;
  4. Advocate on behalf of individual Members within Melbourne Law School;
  5. Facilitate knowledge of developments in law and legal thinking;
  6. Organise and promote MLMSA functions, events and services.

The MLMSA Committee is made up of elected and appointed MLM students. The Committee is governed by three elected executives: President, Vice-President and Treasurer. All other committee members and state representatives are appointed by the elected Executives.



Divyansh Sharma
Divyansh Sharma

Enrolled degree: Master of Laws (LLM)
Enrolment status: Full-time
Previous degrees:  Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce


I am a Lawyer in the Tax controversy team at KPMG Law, currently on study leave to undertake the Masters of Laws (LLM) program. Before joining KPMG, I completed a double degree in Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University. I have always engaged in mentoring and extra-curricular activities to enhance my learning experience. During my undergrad, I was a Law Mentor for the Monash Law Student’s Society, Vice President of Monash Oaktree Foundation where I organised charity and networking events, Director of Member Development and Education, Monash Finance Association, where I led publication of the first Education Guide for new finance students, and Paralegal Volunteer at community legal services where I provided legal assistance to disadvantaged clients.

As President of the MLMSA, I look forward to using my skills from the past roles to promote activities that support academic, professional and social growth for all Law students. Together with my executive committee, I aim to foster mentoring activities and increase networking between MLM and JD students, academics and the wider legal community. I also hope to promote social and professional networks between domestic and international MLM students, as I strongly believe that it would lead to personal and professional growth for all involved.


Gerardo Camacho Fong


Jheasy Sanchez Vargas

Committee Directors

Communication and Marketing Directors

  • Huiting (Whitney) Chan
  • Leo Hutchings

Education and Justice Directors

  • Erin Fradd
  • Jessica Taylor

Events and Networking Directors

  • Yudistira Adipratama
  • Agustin Trevisiol

Policy and Strategy Directors

  • Julissa Pertiwi Hasan Mustafa
  • Geraldine Valenzuela