Community Program


The Community Program seeks to harness the resources of the Review — its members, their time and skill set — to contribute to the community legal sector. As part of this initiative, the Review endeavours to engage with community legal centres across Victoria to explore possible collaboration. To date, the focus of the Program has been on the provision of research and editorial assistance to community legal centres on particular projects as they arise.

All Review members possess high-level specialist skills in editorial work and legal research. This puts the Review in an ideal position to provide volunteers to assist centres with editorial tasks or generalist legal research to help in the production of educational materials, written publications, submissions, and other resources. As a student based organisation, we acknowledge that the Review is not well placed to provide legal advice, but we are open to any suggestions as to how we can best contribute to the work of community legal centres on a volunteer basis.


Ideally, we envisage a scenario where community legal centres contact the Review in relation to a written publication, submissions or other research document that requires editorial or legal research assistance. We will then distribute the work to members based on their expressions of interest and availability. These members will complete the editorial or research work and submit it to the Community Program Coordinators, who will then double-check it for accuracy and consistency and return a final version to the community legal centre in a timely fashion.


The Review would value the opportunity to discuss the most viable options for your centre to benefit from a working relationship with our members.

For further information or to discuss possible collaboration between the Review and your centre please contact Edie McAsey and Aoife Whelan at

Partner Centres

The Review would like to extend thanks to the following centres for their continuing support of the Community Program:

  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Public Interest Advocacy Centre
  • WestJustice