Forthcoming Issue

In 2013, the Review introduced an advance access policy.

Advance versions of articles will be published here as they become available. Advance versions are subject to change prior to the final print and online versions. Advance versions are paginated individually beginning at 1; page numbers will be different from the final print and online version.

Advance versions should be cited as, for example:

  • Michael Crommelin, 'Powers of the Head of State' (2015) 38(3) Melbourne University Law Review (advance)

Volume 45(2) Forthcoming


  • Re-Examining the Relationship between Mutual Promises in Contract Law
    Nuwan Dias
  • The Defence Act 1903 (Cth): A Guide for Responding to Australia’s Large-Scale Domestic Emergencies
    Zoe Lippis
  • Ministers, Statutory Authorities and Government Corporations: The Agency Problem in Public Sector Governance
    Benjamin B Saunders
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for Adult-Onset Conditions: Reproductive Choice and the Welfare of the Future Child
    Michelle Taylor-Sands and Hilary Bowman-Smart
  • Does Chu Kheng Lim Truly Have ‘Nothing to Say’ about the Commonwealth’s Regional Processing Arrangements? Habeas Corpus as a Vehicle for Testing the Constitutional Validity of Offshore Detention
    Flyn Wells

Critique and Comment