Forthcoming Issue

In 2013, the Review introduced an advance access policy.

Advance versions of articles will be published here as they become available. Advance versions are subject to change prior to the final print and online versions. Advance versions are paginated individually beginning at 1; page numbers will be different from the final print and online version.

Advance versions should be cited as, for example:

  • Michael Crommelin, 'Powers of the Head of State' (2015) 38(3) Melbourne University Law Review (advance)

Volume 44(1) Forthcoming


Critique and Comment

Volume 44(2) Forthcoming


  • An Evaluation of the Mechanisms Designed to Promote Substantive Equality in the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic)
    Dominique Allen
  • Contractual Autonomy and Public Policy in Australian Labour Law
    Pauline Bomball
  • Evidence of “Evergreening” in Secondary Patenting of Blockbuster Drugs
    Andrew Christie, Chris Dent and David M Studdert
  • Clarity and Complexity in the Bias Rule
    Matthew Groves
  • Obligations of Conduct: Public Law – Treaty Advice
    Mark McMillan, David Foster, Ann Genovese, Shaun McVeigh and Maureen Tehan
  • The Environment is All Rights: Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and Environmental Rights
    Justice Rachel Pepper and Harry Hobbs

Case Note

  • Mann v Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd: The Intersection of Debt, Damages and Quantum Meruit
    David Winterton and Timothy Pilkington

Book Review / Case Note