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In 2013, the Review introduced an advance access policy.

Advance versions of articles will be published here as they become available. Advance versions are subject to change prior to the final print and online versions. Advance versions are paginated individually beginning at 1; page numbers will be different from the final print and online version.

Advance versions should be cited as, for example:

  • Michael Crommelin, 'Powers of the Head of State' (2015) 38(3) Melbourne University Law Review (advance)

Volume 44(2) Forthcoming


Case Note

Book Review / Case Note

Volume 44(3) Forthcoming

Symposium: Institutions and Regulation in the Modern State

  • Risk and Uncertainty in Public Interest Journalism: The Impact of Espionage Law on Press Freedom
    Rebecca Ananian-Welsh, Sarah Kendall and Richard Murray
  • The Rise of Judicial Self-Governance in the New Millenium
    Tim Bunjevac
  • The Quiet Demise of Declarations of Inconsistency under the Victorian Charter
    Bruce Chen
  • Constructive Trusts and Discretion in Australia: Taking Stock
    Ying Khai Liew
  • Towards Constitutional Consonance: Institutional Adaptation and the Administrative State
    Yee-Fui Ng
  • The Relationship between the Royal Prerogative and Statute in Australia
    Peta Stephenson
  • The Challenge for Courts in a Moderately Rigid Constitution
    Scott Stephenson