Forthcoming Issue

In 2013, the Review introduced an advance access policy.

Advance versions of articles will be published here as they become available. Advance versions are subject to change prior to the final print and online versions. Advance versions are paginated individually beginning at 1; page numbers will be different from the final print and online version.

Advance versions should be cited as, for example:

  • Michael Crommelin, 'Powers of the Head of State' (2015) 38(3) Melbourne University Law Review (advance)

Volume 45(3) Forthcoming


  • An Economic Perspective on Costs in Australian Class Actions
    Ben Chen and Michael Legg
  • Voluntary Assisted Dying for (Some) Residents Only: Have States Infringed s 117 of the Constitution?
    Katrine Del Villar and Amelia Simpson
  • International Data Flows: A Schrems II Assessment of Electronic Surveillance Laws in Australia
    Joshua Gacutan
  • Fruit Picking in Fear: An Examination of Sexual Harassment on Australian Farms
    Joanna Howe, Elizabeth Shi and Stephen Clibborn
  • Conservative Constitutional Rights in 1940s Australia
    Dylan Lino

Volume 46(1) Forthcoming


  • Conditioning Sentencing To Prevent Double Punishment of Offenders Who Commit Offences while on Conditional Liberty
    Professor John Anderson, Professor Mirko Bagaric and Dr Brendon Murphy
  • Fixed Constitutional Commitments: Evaluating Climate Change Constitutionalism’s ‘New Frontier’
    Associate Professor Ron Levy
  • Judging the Employment Status of Workers: An Analysis of ‘Common-Sense’ Reasoning
    Professor Carolyn Sutherland
  • Two Decades of Australian Counter-Terrorism Laws
    Dr Keiran Hardy and Professor George Williams
  • Locating Plebiscites in the Australian Constitution
    Mr Matthew Psycharis

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