Law and COVID-19

Germs and Justice

  • Part 1: COVIDSafe

    Is Big Brother on your phone? Professor Alison Duxbury, Associate Professor Jason Bosland and Professor Jeannie Paterson discuss the COVIDSafe app, and how the pandemic has changed the landscape of privacy and surveillance.

  • Part 2: Jobs

    Who will survive the axe? And what rights will be lost? Professor John Howe and Professor Miranda Stewart discuss the impact of COVID-19 on jobs and workplaces.

  • Part 3: Democracy

    Has the pandemic killed the free world? Professor Adrienne Stone, Associate Professor Tom Daly and Associate Professor William Partlett discuss the rules, regulations and governance structures that have emerged during the pandemic, and whether they will outlast this emergency.

Life Beyond Coronavirus

  • The Expert View

    'Flattening the curve' is a term that’s trending right now, but there’s a lot of confusion about what it means.

  • What will it take to end isolation?

    The panel dissects the latest data about coronavirus in Australia and explore the new COVID-19 trace and track app.

  • The race for the vaccine

    Join world leading experts as we explore what a vaccine is, who is getting close and why does it matter?

  • Are the kids alright?

    As schools begin to reopen around the world, we ask the experts questions like are the kids alright, has the disruption to their education caused long-term damage, and more.

  • The future of work

    Australia has weathered the first wave of this pandemic, but it has come at a big economic cost, with the repercussions yet to be truly understood.

  • Preventing the next pandemic

    COVID-19 is unlikely to be an isolated event. Our experts explore some of the important questions like why they expected this pandemic and why animal-human transmission remains key.

  • The way out of lockdown

    It was all going so well until it wasn’t. Join leading experts from the University of Melbourne as they explore how Victoria re-entered lockdown and why Australia has been split into two.

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