Melbourne Law School professor awarded prestigious fellowship

Professor Sundhya Pahuja from Melbourne Law School has been awarded a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship for her research on global corporations and international law.

The fellowship represents an investment in Professor Pahuja’s research of $3.1m from the federal government over a five-year period.

Professor Pahuja plans to use the fellowship to fund a project that will examine the challenge to democracy posed by global corporations in order to understand the way international law has contributed to the growing power of corporations on the world stage, and what can be done to redress the balance between large corporations and nation states.

Professor Pahuja, who is the Director of the Institute for International Law and the Humanities, was also awarded a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellowship to mentor women researchers.

Professor Pahuja says she is delighted to have her research recognised in this way. “I am proud to be part of an outstanding team of researchers at Melbourne Law School, and I look forward to the challenge of establishing a world-class research hub focused on global corporations and international law,” she said.

Professor Alison Duxbury, Deputy Dean of Melbourne Law School, says the fellowships are a reflection of Professor Pahuja’s outstanding contribution to legal scholarship.

“This award, which includes the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship, recognises Professor Pahuja’s outstanding reputation in the field of international law, a particular strength at Melbourne Law School, and provides her with a unique opportunity to promote women in research and mentor early careers academics,” Professor Duxbury said.