VIDEO: Towards a reconciled Australia

To celebrate National Reconciliation Week 2020, Melbourne Law School hosted a three-part webinar series where academics , experts and indigenous leaders discussed treaty, sovereignty, and the role of the legal industry in achieving reconciliation.

Treaties and reconciliation

What could treaties mean for Indigenous sovereignty, prosperity and self-determination? Professor Kirsty Gover joined Tony McAvoy SC, Elly Patira and Marcus Stewart to discuss how treaty-making can advance reconciliation in Australia.

Children’s rights and reconciliation

How is the process of reconciliation strengthening the rights of Aboriginal children and young people? Professor John Tobin and Victorian Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young PeopleJustin Mohamed discuss the rights of children and young people and their role in reconciliation.

Towards a reconciled Australia: the role of the legal industry

How will a reconciled Australia be achieved? Melbourne Law School Dean Professor Pip Nicholson and CEO of Reconciliation Australia Karen Mundine discuss the successes and challenges that arise along the path to reconciliation within the legal industry and beyond.