Video Recordings - Research Roundtable on Citizenship and Statelessness in India

This project is led by the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Melbourne Law School and Jindal Global Law School.

The video recordings for the Research Roundtables on Citizenship and Statelessness in India are now available online.

Please find below the links to the presentations:

Saika Sabir: Gender Discrimination in the Indian Citizenship Regime

Andrea Marilyn Pragashini Immanuel: The Meaning of 'Life' under the Indian Constitution and the Obligation to Not Render Persons Stateless: With Special Reference to the National Register of Citizens

Balu Nair & Farrah Ahmed: India's administrative citizenship regime

Kunika: Issues of privacy and data protection in citizenship verification

Ritumbra Manuvie: Manufacturing foreigners from floods

Aashish Yadav: Securing Citizenship: India's legal obligations towards precarious citizens and stateless persons

Srivatsan Manivannan (Q): In(Visibility) and Gendered Violence in the TPA-CAA-NRC-NPR

Manav Kapur: The Long Shadow of the CAA: Tracing the Antecedents of the CAA through the Subcontinent's Long Partition

Professor Michelle Foster and Dr Adil Khan: Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 and International Law

Padmini Baruah Yadav: Documentation and the 'Right to Have Rights': Assam and the Politics of the Foreigners Tribunal