2016 Victorian Bar Council Election

Melbourne Law School is delighted to congratulate our alumni who have recently been elected to the Victorian Bar Council for 2016-2017.

Ten alumni have been elected as Queen’s Counsel, Senior Counsel or junior counsel who are of not less than 15 years’ standing:

  • Mr Oliver P Holdenson QC (BEd(Sec) 1981, GDipArts(Crim) 1982, GDipMathSc 1984, LLB(Hons) 1987)
  • Mrs Jennifer J Batrouney QC (BCom 1986, LLB(Hons) 1986)
  • Ms Michelle L Quigley QC (LLB 1984)
  • Mr Simon E Marks QC (BCom 1983, LLB 1983)
  • Professor Ian R L Freckelton QC (LLD 2016; MLS Professorial Fellow)
  • Mr Edward (Ted) W Woodward SC (LLB 1982)
  • Ms Wendy A Harris QC (LLB(Hons) 1991)
  • Dr Matthew J Collins QC (PhD 2000)
  • Ms Áine M Magee QC (BA(Hons) 1982, LLB 1982)
  • Mr Christopher J Winneke QC (LLB 1991)

Two alumni have been elected who are junior counsel and are of not more than 15 nor less than six years’ standing:

  • Ms Susan K Gatford (BSc 1984, BSc(Hons) 1985, LLM 2000)
  • Mr Justin P Wheelahan (BA(Hons) 1997, LLB 1998)

Two alumni have been elected to the Bar Council who are junior counsel and are of less than 6 years’ standing:

  • Mr Daniel B Bongiorno (BA 2005, LLB(Hons) 2005)
  • Ms Julia Frederico (BA 1979, LLB 1981, MBA 1992)

The Victorian Bar Council meets fortnightly to manage and administer the Victorian Bar’s business affairs.

There are 21 members for the Council, with elections held each year, followed by the appointment of office bearers. Mrs Batrouney QC has been appointed as the Victorian Bar Council President, with Dr Collins QC as Senior Vice-President, and Ms Harris QC as Junior Vice-President.

We wish our alumni all the best as they continue their work on the Bar Council in 2016-2017.