Alumna’s positivity shines in Bendigo

MLS alumna Gaayathri Periasami (BCA 2007, JD 2010) is Compliance Manager for Superannuation at Bendigo Bank, a mother of two and an entrepreneur with a successful online business. Though moving to regional Victoria has not been without its challenges, Gaayathri’s positive attitude and the skills she gained through her studies have ensured the rewards of regional life have been great.

Gaayathri took advantage of internships both in Melbourne and at regional firms during her time as a JD student, but found that she had a greater affinity with regional life.

“I certainly preferred interning in a regional law firm,” she says.

“Generally the pace, the dynamics of the team and the support was much more preferable.”

After graduating from Melbourne Law School, Gaayathri and her husband moved to regional Victoria in search of affordable housing and professional opportunities.

Despite her initial frustration about the scarcity of regional employment opportunities, Gaayathri found work in a broad range of roles, including in the political sphere as a legal research officer and media advisor, and as an Estate Consultant at State Trustees Victoria.

She is now Compliance Manager for Superannuation at Bendigo Bank and credits her time at MLS for equipping her with the versatility to tackle such diverse roles.

“Studying the JD has opened up a plethora of opportunities for me,” she says.

“I was one of the best contenders for my current role based on my legal knowledge and the ability to understand and be comfortable working in such a heavily regulated industry like superannuation.”

Outside of the law, Gaayathri is also an entrepreneur. She drew inspiration from her regional lifestyle when creating Baby Peppers, an online business where she sells hand-crafted children’s toys, clothing and homewares.

“Living in the country has really prompted me to think about regional communities abroad,” she says.

“I wanted to do something meaningful during my maternity leave back in 2015, so I started my very own ethical and fair trade online store based on a longing to bring back sustainable and vintage crafts.”

Her passion for regional communities and humanity in general runs deep, with her main drive being to contribute to society while providing a meaningful life for her family.

“I want to see more on the togetherness of being one, being an Australian rather than talking about social and racial divides,” she says.

“We need to see more jobs growth, better infrastructure and a better economy boost for regional areas. I would love to be a part of the contribution towards these milestones.”

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