Amsterdam proves a great choice for Melbourne JD student

The opportunity to combine her law studies with an overseas experience in her birth country of the Netherlands was a natural fit for Melbourne JD student Kirsten Sugden.

“Amsterdam has been a great choice for me and the beauty, history and atmosphere of the city have surpassed my expectations,” Kirsten says.

Kirsten Sugden

“I wanted to experience really living overseas rather than travelling or passing through - exchange was one way to have this experience while finishing my course.”

“Amsterdam is also a great platform from which to explore wider Europe, with Paris and several other cities just a short train ride away.”

JD students at Melbourne Law School can choose to study a semester abroad, taking advantage of the School’s connections with more than 20 institutions across the world, including in the US, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Israel and Singapore.

Kirsten is making the most of her experiences abroad and immersing herself in the city’s culture while meeting and learning from people from all over the world.

“Amsterdam appealed to me as a city that is a hub of commercial activity in Europe and the University of Amsterdam’s courses in trade and investment law as well as information law further attracted me,” Kirsten says.

The opportunity to take part in groups such as the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research, which brings together privacy researchers from across the University, has also proved to be a great experience.

“I have been able to get involved and talk with people who are exploring privacy issues from legal, medical, commercial and sociological perspectives,” Kirsten says.

“Through the JD program you can find yourself in many situations that are slightly outside of your comfort zone. It is only by taking on challenges of this nature that you really develop personally and academically.”

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By Kate Edwards