MLM 2016: An Overview

Courses and subjects on offer in the MLM in 2016 are now available online and in our printed prospectus. We have an exciting program in store, offering more than 165 subjects for credit towards the LLM or one of our 36 specialist graduate diplomas and masters, or for single subject study.

The breadth of the program means that MLM students also can construct their own areas of specialisation. Clusters of subjects likely to be of interest range across international trade, dispute resolution, energy and resources and environmental law, human rights and development, constitution making and state building.

The MLM program is substantially renewed every year. Seventeen subjects are completely new in 2016. They include:

  • Construction, the Community and Neighbours
  • Corruption in International Sport
  • Development, Environment and International Law
  • Mediation in Commerce
  • The Practice of Commercial Arbitration
  • Principles of Natural Resources Law
  • Reimagining Human Rights Law
  • Special Issues in Tax Treaties
  • Trade and Investment Law in China

Each year we introduce new subjects such as these to ensure that the MLM remains at the cutting edge of law and legal practice. Suggestions for more new subjects are always welcome and should be directed to the Academic Support office.

Most, although not all, MLM subjects are taught intensively over five days. The program effectively runs all year, beginning in early February and ending in early December. Students can commence at any point of the year. Major intakes are scheduled for February and July. Applications for 2016 are now open. Students will be able to enrol in subjects for 2016 from 19 October 2015.

View the full list of 2016 courses and subjects in the Melbourne Law Masters.

Please note that this document is accurate at time of publication, September 2015. For the most up-to-date information about our program, please refer to the Study section of this website.