Protecting choice online for consumers

With funding from the Consumer Policy Research Centre researchers from The University of Melbourne led by  Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Professor Shanton Chang from the Faculty of Engineering and IT with CAIDE's Co-Director Jeannie Paterson, and DQUBE Solutions, have published these reports on their research into consumer choice online.

This research is designed to identify new technologies collecting consumer data, and explore the differential treatment of consumers online.

The outcome of the research are three reports:

Phase 1  Research Report – State of the Art in Data Tracking Technology

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Dana McKay, with contributions by Yung Ju Chua, Shanton Chang, Suelette Dreyfus, Monica Whitty, Jeannie Marie Paterson, Pan Zhan, Garreth Hanley and Andrew Clausen

Phase 2  Research Report – Drawing Back The Curtain: Consumer Choice Online in a Data Tracking World

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DQUBE Solutions, Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Associate Professor Shanton Chang Dr Andrew Clausen and Professor Jeannie Paterson

Phase 3 Policy Report – What We See and What We Don’t: Protecting Choice for Online Consumers Policy Report

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Professor Jeannie Marie Paterson, Dr Suelette Dreyfus, and Associate Professor Shanton Chang