The Empirical Research Network (ERN) at Melbourne Law School brings together academics undertaking empirical research across the Faculty, building a community of practice in this area.

The activities of the Network include:

  • Seminars on particular empirical methods, and tools that assist empirical research.
  • Work-in-progress seminars, featuring work occurring within the Faculty, which particularly focus on the methodological decisions and challenges facing a particular piece of research.
  • Seminars by Faculty visitors undertaking empirical research, and individuals from other Faculties looking to collaborate with legal researchers.
  • Building a mailing list, expertise list and community among those undertaking empirical research, to allow effective communication and the building of connections between scholars.
  • Supporting empirical teaching, including in the JD, LLM and PhD programmes.
  • Providing a supportive environment for the development of grant proposals, including by demonstrating a core of empirical research in the Faculty.
  • Sponsorship and support of PhD students.
  • Methodological training for Faculty members, and linking Faculty members with training available in other parts of the university.

The Importance of Empirical Legal Research