ARC Discovery Indigenous

Administered by the University of Melbourne, unless otherwise indicated

  • Mark McMillan, Joanna Cruickshank, Ann Genovese, Shaun McVeigh and Julie Evans (administered by RMIT)

    Project Title

    Indigenous leaders: lawful relations from encounter to treaty

    Grant Scheme

    ARC Discovery Indigenous

    Project Summary

    This multi-disciplinary project draws together history, law and the creative arts to recover, make visible and make accessible the continuous traditions of Indigenous people’s leadership in conducting lawful relations in Victoria. The project aims to develop innovative and creative methods of translating these encounters and their attendant insights, in order to inform the practical activities of conducting lawful relations in the present and the future. The intended outcomes should shape critical deliberations on the future of non-Indigenous Australia’s legal and social relationships with its First Peoples, particularly regarding treaty-making.

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    Chief Investigators

    Professor Mark McMillan (RMIT)
    Dr Joanna Cruickshank (Deakin University)
    Associate Professor Ann Genovese
    Associate Professor Shaun McVeigh
    Associate Professor Julie Evans (School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Melbourne)