For Employers

Melbourne Law School (MLS) Career Services welcomes engagement with industry and looks forward to connecting your business with our student body.

Our services are free and we can assist you with providing suggestions to enhance your profile on campus.

(Please note that MLS Career Services is separate from MLS student societies and groups, who have their own sponsorship arrangements and engagement with firms and organisations.)

  • Advertise a job opportunity

    Advertise employment opportunities, including casual, part time, full time, internship, graduate and volunteer work opportunities on Careers Online. This service is offered free of charge.

    Law Online

    MLS Career Services can assist you in advertising employment opportunities* via our online jobs board, Law Online. Law Online is accessed by students in our Juris Doctor and Melbourne Law Masters programs.

    The service is offered free of charge.

    Please send your job advertisement If you need additional assistance in advertising or filling the positions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    *Please note that there are legal restrictions around advertising opportunities, this is especially relevant to internship or unpaid work. Please refer to terms and conditions for more information.

    Additional options

    The Student Enrichment Centre at Melbourne Law School has space to hold publications and/or promotional collateral from your organisation. We also advertise on our Digital Signage in the space.

    The service is offered free of charge.

    For any queries, please contact

  • 'Career Insight' Talks

    Engage with specific student cohorts on campus with a careers talk.

    We can arrange for you to engage with specific student groups or cohorts on campus with a presentation. You can share your industry and recruitment insights and meet potential future candidates. This will raise awareness of your brand and the opportunities available for students creating positive relationships and engagement amongst the student community.

    Something to consider: Talks that seem to be the most effective amongst students involve a recent Melbourne Law School graduate who has been through the recruitment process along with a more senior person who is involved in hiring and can speak to what the organisation is looking for.

    Date and time: We suggest that the best time to present to students is at lunchtime between 1.00pm and 2.00pm on campus at Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are generally the best days to maximise student attendance as less classes are scheduled during those days.

    Venue: We can arrange for a classroom or lecture theatre of various sizes to be booked, however we usually suggest booking into a classroom that can hold approximately 40- 80 students. We have also opened up our new Student Enrichment Centre at the Law School which has a presentation room along with a mingling area adjacent, for the purposes of informal networking. We can arrange for catering to be provided (we always find free food entices students to attend!), but this will generally be at the employer’s cost.

    Cost: This service is offered free of charge.

    For any queries, please contact

  • ‘Beyond Law School’ Series

    Increase students’ knowledge of opportunities outside of the traditional law firm and show them a variety of different career pathways that their law degree can lead them into.

    MLS Career Services in collaboration with the Melbourne University Law Students Society organise a panel series in Semester 2 called ‘Beyond Law School’. This series aims to increase students’ knowledge of opportunities outside of the traditional law firm and shows them a variety of different career pathways for legal graduates. Each session has three to four industry professionals discussing their career journey and providing guidance to students in relation to career challenges, highlights and pathways. Previous 'Beyond Law School' series reached more than 250 students over the five sessions and a robust Q&A at the end of each session

    For context, sessions included:

    • Community Legal Centre
    • Criminal Law
    • Family Law
    • Government
    • Technology and Startups
    • The Bar and Advocacy

    Each panel session runs for one hour in the evenings and concludes with refreshments for panellists to mingle with students. Panellists are welcome to bring information and collateral from their organisations to hand to students at the end of the session.

    Please note: Speakers will need to be approved by the Law Students Society and other internal stakeholders.

    For any queries, please contact

  • Mentor Program

    Participating in the mentor program is another great way to connect with our students.

    Participating in the mentor program is another great way to connect with our students. Mentors play an incredible part in our students' journey at MLS. Your guidance and encouragement can be invaluable to the growth and development of our students. The experience can also be incredibly rewarding for you as a mentor.

    We are also delighted to announce that we have now transitioned to an online mentoring platform that will facilitate the matching process and make communicating with your mentees easier. This platform also allows alumni overseas to mentor students remotely via Skype and emails. Additional resources have been made available to help both mentors and mentees get the most out of the program. We hope that this platform will enhance the mentoring experience for all participants.

    For any queries please contact

  • ELLIS Program

    Melbourne Law School invites you to participate in the ELLIS program (Experiential Learning for Law International Students). ELLIS offers Australian organisations short-term, high-quality and free project reports to identify and resolve current business issues.

    Projects are scoped in collaboration with you – the client – and Melbourne Law School. Previous clients have used ELLIS to develop new ideas, research emerging areas, and provide advice. Project teams comprise of five to six international Juris Doctor and Masters students. Teams undertake a four-week, off-site project and are supported by a designated MLS mentor and a client representative. The project culminates in a presentation to the client’s leadership team.

    In 2018, 29 international students from 14 countries successfully delivered five law-related projects across various sectors including commercial law, corporate health, start-ups, and local government.

    For more information please see ELLIS Program Information for Clients

  • Careers Outcome

    A survey of 2016 Melbourne Law School Juris Doctor (JD) graduates shows strong employment results with 95 per cent of those surveyed in employment. Of those employed, 70 per cent are working as legal graduates (trainees with law firms, solicitors, or judges’ associates) and many others are working in other legal or generalist graduate roles.

    The survey, taken 18 months after completion of the Melbourne JD, reveals that more than 120 employers from the legal and non-legal sectors employed our graduates. These employers include international and national law firms, courts, community legal centres, government departments, statutory bodies and firms in the private sector, demonstrating the diverse range of careers our graduates go into.

    The survey had a response rate of 79 per cent. This means the data is robust and gives a realistic picture of employment outcomes. The employers are listed in the following pages. The class of 2016 survey results are consistent with the strong results for the class of 2015, which had an employment rate of 96 percent 18 months after graduation.

    Full survey report

    If you would like to offer your support or time to one of these workshops, please get in touch with and we can provide you with further information.